'Storks' vs 'Turbo', 'Cloudy' and 'Peabody'

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Mr. Peabody & Sherman


Release Summary

Genre Children's Book Adaptation CGI Animation 3D IMAX Family CGI Animation Car Racing 3D CGI Animation 3D TV Show Adaptation Time Travel CGI Animation 3D
DistributorSony Pictures Releasing 20th Century Fox Film Corporation 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Warner Bros.
Release DateSep 18, 2009Jul 17, 2013Mar 7, 2014Sep 23, 2016
Gross To Date $124,870,275$83,028,128$111,506,430$72,679,278
Production Budget$100,000,000$135,000,000$145,000,000$70,000,000
Running Time1 hr 30 min1 hr 36 min1 hr 32 min1 hr 27 min

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $124,870,275$83,028,128$111,506,430$72,679,278
Opening Weekend $30,304,648$21,312,625$32,207,057$21,311,407
Opening % of Total24.3%25.7%28.9%29.3%
Widest Release3,1193,8093,9513,922
Close DateJan 28, 2010Dec 12, 2013Sep 4, 2014Jan 12, 2017
In Release470 days / 67 weeks170 days / 24 weeks300 days / 42 weeks465 days / 66 weeks
Weekends at #12010
Weekends in Top 106366

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$243,006,126$282,570,682$275,698,039$183,388,953
Foreign Gross$118,135,851$199,542,554$164,191,609$110,709,675
Foreign % of Worldwide48.6%70.6%59.6%60.4%
Domestic Gross$124,870,275$83,028,128$111,506,430$72,679,278
Domestic % of Worldwide51.4%29.4%40.4%39.6%