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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum

Bedtime Stories


Release Summary

Genre Comedy Fantasy Comedy Family Fantasy Sequel Adventure IMAX Fantasy Family IMAX Children's Book Adaptation Adventure Comedy Adventure Fantasy Family Comedy Fantasy Comedy Family Musical Adventure
DistributorRevolution Studios 20th Century Fox Film Corporation 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release DateJun 23, 2006May 22, 2009Dec 22, 2006Dec 25, 2008Nov 21, 2007
Gross To Date $137,355,633$177,243,721$250,863,268$110,101,975$127,807,262
Production Budget$82,500,000$150,000,000$80,000,000$85,000,000
Running Time1 hr 47 min1 hr 45 min1 hr 48 min1 hr 39 min1 hr 47 min

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $137,355,633$177,243,721$250,863,268$110,101,975$127,807,262
Opening Weekend $40,011,365$54,173,286$30,433,781$27,450,296$34,440,317
Opening % of Total29.1%30.6%12.1%24.9%26.9%
Widest Release3,7644,1013,7683,6843,730
Close DateSep 24, 2006Nov 1, 2009Jun 24, 2007Mar 12, 2009Mar 13, 2008
In Release192 days / 27 weeks224 days / 32 weeks375 days / 53 weeks372 days / 53 weeks407 days / 58 weeks
Weekends at #111302
Weekends in Top 1047936

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$240,685,326$413,106,170$574,480,841$212,874,864$340,487,652
Foreign Gross$103,329,693$235,862,449$323,617,573$102,772,889$212,680,390
Foreign % of Worldwide42.9%57.1%56.3%48.3%62.5%
Domestic Gross$137,355,633$177,243,721$250,863,268$110,101,975$127,807,262
Domestic % of Worldwide57.1%42.9%43.7%51.7%37.5%