Domestic Box Office For Summer 2020

Summer 2020 runs May 1-Sep 5

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Tenet$21,684,1612,930$58,456,624Sep 3Warner Bros.
2The New Mutants$13,240,3682,754$23,852,659Aug 2820th Century Studios
3Unhinged$12,326,5562,402$20,831,465Aug 14Solstice Studios
4The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run$3,314,145326$4,810,790Aug 14Paramount Pictures
5Bill & Ted Face the Music$2,514,6361,007$3,439,660Aug 28United Artists Releasing
6The Wretched$1,812,696101$1,814,193May 1IFC Films
7Words on Bathroom Walls$1,711,5361,395$2,542,518Aug 21Roadside Attractions
8The Rental$1,592,654250$1,637,548Jul 24IFC Films
9Jurassic Park
2020 Re-release
$1,386,600316$1,386,600Jun 19Universal Pictures
10The Personal History of David Copperfield$1,211,0441,550$1,876,298Aug 28Searchlight Pictures
11Relic$1,046,653133$1,047,083Jul 3IFC Films
12Becky$1,020,41354$1,004,574Jun 5Quiver Distribution
13Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
2020 Re-release
$1,015,0002,097$2,482,000Jul 10Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
14The Tax Collector$997,924138$1,044,212Aug 7RLJE Films
15Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula$828,640151$1,231,407Aug 7Well Go USA Entertainment
16The Goonies
2020 Re-release
$825,000457$825,000Jul 10Warner Bros.
2020 Re-release
$758,300187$758,300Jun 19Universal Pictures
18Cut Throat City$654,464389$855,894Aug 21Well Go USA Entertainment
2020 Re-release
$605,000622$605,000Jul 3Columbia Pictures
20Followed$538,179100$538,179Jun 19Global View Entertainment
21The Big Ugly$514,10768$514,107Jul 24Vertical Entertainment
22Beauty and the Beast
2020 Re-release
$467,000527$467,000Jul 17Walt Disney Pictures
23Inside Out
2020 Re-release
$460,000442$460,000Jul 10Walt Disney Pictures
24Iron Man
2020 Re-release
$430,000462$430,000Jul 17Walt Disney Pictures
25Infamous$429,14858$429,148Jun 12Vertical Entertainment
26Black Panther
2020 Re-release
$367,000421$367,000Jul 10Walt Disney Pictures
2020 Re-release
$295,00064$295,000Jul 10-
28The Eight Hundred$289,409142$372,755Aug 28CMC Pictures
29Back to the Future
2020 Re-release
$247,000258$247,000Jul 31Universal Pictures
30Bohemian Rhapsody
2020 Re-release
$240,000-$240,000Jul 17Twentieth Century Fox
31Tulsa$216,859192$413,378Aug 21Pryor Entertainment
32She Dies Tomorrow$195,67624$398,663Jul 31Neon
33The Gentlemen$174,6862,675$36,471,795Jan 24STX Entertainment
34Palm Springs$164,00066$164,000Jul 10Neon
35Archive$139,59326$139,593Jul 10Vertical Entertainment
36Most Wanted$138,00072$138,000Jun 10Saban Films
37The Burnt Orange Heresy$102,403139$144,201Mar 6Sony Pictures Classics
2020 Re-release
$102,00075$102,000Jul 31Paramount Pictures
39The Silencing$100,74679$100,746Aug 14Saban Films
40Made in Italy$98,350111$101,339Aug 7IFC Films
41The Wandering Earth$95,926129$5,971,413Feb 5-
42Miss Juneteenth$92,34911$92,349Jun 19Vertical Entertainment
43Tesla$85,929108$93,147Aug 21IFC Films
44StarDog and TurboCat$80,4966$80,490Jun 19Viva Pictures
45How to Build a Girl$70,6329$70,632May 8IFC Films
46We Summon the Darkness$60,79410$60,794May 22Saban Films
47The Lodge$58,217395$2,138,907Feb 7Neon
48Summerland$56,51499$58,498Jul 31IFC Films
49Max Winslow and the House of Secrets$31,25016$31,250May 293DLive AXO
50Juvenile Delinquents$30,2924$34,292Mar 6Big Bull Productions
51My Brothers' Crossing$29,16473$59,395Sep 3Atlas Distribution Company
52Spree$28,77133$28,771Aug 14RLJE Films
53Unsubscribe$25,4881$25,488Jun 10-
54Disappearance at Clifton Hill$21,63519$25,084Feb 28IFC Films
55True History of the Kelly Gang$18,7875$33,817Apr 24IFC Films
56Sputnik$18,00432$18,853Aug 14IFC Films
57American Deep State$15,2693$15,269Aug 14Strasson Group
58Centigrade$11,76628$16,263Aug 28IFC Films
59The Grizzlies$11,61816$11,650Jul 31Hammond Entertainment
60Strike 2019$11,1002$15,758Mar 27Indican Pictures
61The Last Tree$10,12873$10,128Jun 26ArtMattan Productions
62Sometimes Always Never$10,10722$39,191Jun 12Blue Fox Entertainment
63The Truth$9,61912$9,619Jul 3IFC Films
64The Trip to Greece$8,34011$8,340May 22IFC Films
65Killer Raccoons! 2! Dark Christmas in the Dark!$7,44712$13,282Jul 31Indican Pictures
66What We Found$6,9768$6,976Jul 31Freestyle Releasing
67Circles$6,9673$10,260-Indican Pictures
68Human Capital$6,59612$6,596Jul 17Vertical Entertainment
69Guest Artist$6,5062$10,017Jul 10Indican Pictures
70Still Here$5,12126$5,268Aug 28Blue Fox Entertainment
71In the Life of Music$4,7841$7,238Aug 14Indican Pictures
72Play the Flute$4,69211$254,475Jan 28Five & Two Pictures
73Babyteeth$4,50712$4,507Jun 19IFC Films
74Sex and the Future$4,4302$5,745Jun 5Indican Pictures
75Made in Bangladesh$3,12757$5,322Aug 28ArtMattan Productions
76I'll Take Your Dead$2,8315$10,523Jul 5Breakthrough Entertainment
77Bump Kowalski and the Ten Commandments$2,4391$3,690-Phantom Mentor Digital
78The Bay of Silence$1,94116$1,941Aug 14Vertical Entertainment
79The Painted Bird$1,4608$1,460Jul 17IFC Films
80The Other Lamb$1,1991$6,024Apr 3IFC Films
81The Fox Hunter$9621$1,577Jun 5Indican Pictures
82The Transcendents$7571$2,041Jun 26Indican Pictures
83First Lady$63668$93,298Feb 14ArtAffects Entertainment
84Made in Hong Kong
2020 Re-release
$5881$17,843Mar 6Metrograph Pictures
2020 Re-release
$5271$527Aug 28Hammond Entertainment
86Love Goes Public$38-$5,738Oct 25Aspiration Entertainment