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Focus $4,702,420 517 $76,244 4 10/23/2015

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11/19/15 News How High Will 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' Fly? Brad Brevet
11/8/15 News 'Spectre' and 'Peanuts' Resuscitate the 2015 Box Office Brad Brevet
11/1/15 News 'Spectre' Huge Overseas as 'Martian' Tops Worst Weekend of 2015 Brad Brevet
10/29/15 News 'Burnt' and 'Crisis' Hope to Make Top 5 in a Weak October Weekend Brad Brevet
10/25/15 News 'Jem', 'Kasbah' & 'Witch Hunter' Flop Putting 'The Martian' Back On Top Brad Brevet
10/22/15 News Crowded October Box Office Adds 'Witch Hunter', 'Paranormal 6', 'Jem' & More 'Jobs' Brad Brevet
10/18/15 News 'Goosebumps' On Top, 'Peak' Flops and A24's 'Room' Strong in Limited Showing Brad Brevet