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10/13/13 News Weekend Report: 'Gravity' Holds, 'Captain' Floats, 'Machete' Bombs Ray Subers
2/3/11 News February 2011 Preview Ray Subers
12/15/08 Misc. About Box Office Mojo -
12/15/08 Misc. Box Office Mojo Conditions of Use -
6/13/07 Feature Interview: Sydney Pollack on 'Havana'
Second of Two Parts
Scott Holleran
3/22/07 Review Pride
Sports Tale Barely Beats the Buzzer
Scott Holleran
10/19/06 Misc. Box Office Mojo Terms of Use -
9/11/06 Feature Islamic Terrorism on Screen Scott Holleran
8/31/06 Feature Top Dancers Take Flight in 'White Nights' on DVD Scott Holleran
3/8/06 Feature Close-Up: Actor Earl Holliman Scott Holleran

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