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The Expendables 3 LGF $39,322,544 3,221 $15,879,645 3,221 8/15/2014 Images
The Expendables 2 LGF $85,028,192 3,355 $28,591,370 3,316 8/17/2012 Images
The Expendables LGF $103,068,524 3,398 $34,825,135 3,270 8/13/2010 Images

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8/23/15 News Weekend Report -'Compton' Tops the Charts Again Keith Simanton
8/16/15 News Weekend Report -'Compton' Another Universal Smash Keith Simanton
8/9/15 News Weekend Report - 'Fantastic Four' Gets Clobbered Keith Simanton
10/26/14 News Weekend Report: Decent Debuts from 'Ouija,' 'Wick' This Weekend Ray Subers
9/2/14 News 'Guardians,' 'Turtles' Lead August To Record $1 Billion Haul Ray Subers
8/24/14 News Weekend Report: 'Guardians' Becomes Biggest Movie of the Summer Ray Subers
8/23/14 News Friday Report: 'If I Stay' Ascends to First Ahead of 'Sin City' Debacle Ray Subers
8/20/14 News Forecast: Long Delay Will Slay 'Sin City' Sequel This Weekend Ray Subers
8/17/14 News Weekend Report: 'Turtles,' 'Guardians' Crush Weak 'Expendables' Ray Subers

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