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11/22/17 News 'Coco' Hopes to Add to Disney's Legacy at the Thanksgiving Box Office Brad Brevet
6/16/16 News 'Finding Dory' Set to Break the Animated Opening Weekend Record Brad Brevet
12/4/15 News 'Good Dinosaur' and 'Mockingjay' Battle for First, 'Krampus' Picks Up the Scraps Brad Brevet
6/23/13 News Weekend Report: 'Monsters' and Zombies Both Win On Busy Weekend Ray Subers
6/20/13 News Forecast: 'Monsters University' Set to School 'World War Z' Ray Subers
4/26/13 News Summer 2013 Forecast Ray Subers
4/4/13 News Forecast: 'Evil Dead,' 'Jurassic 3D' To Terrorize Audiences This Weekend Ray Subers
3/13/13 News Which 2013 Movies Could Earn $1 Billion? Ray Subers
1/22/13 News Around-the-World Roundup: 'Django' Beats 'Basterds' in Overseas Debut Ray Subers
1/4/13 News 2012 Recap (cont.): Losers Ray Subers

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