Un Autre Monde

Un Autre Monde, is a short documentary/portrait, about "The Jess". One of Brussels' most notorious nightclub bouncers in the 90's. After having over 20 years experience working at the door, being attacked a multitude of times with knives and having been shot at with assault rifles. Jess helps us to understand what it really means to be a bouncer and explains a few of the dangers they have to deal with throughout their careers. The events shown in the film are all based on real life situations, which were either experienced by Jesus Angulo Lopez or even the director himself, whom also worked as a bouncer for 10 years before becoming a student of film. The violent incidents are illustrated through reenactments, with the aid of world-class self defense experts such as Fred Mastro and Alain Van Laethem.


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FranceFeb 16, 2022$1,242,605$3,755,279
NetherlandsJul 28, 2022$44,794$98,183
PortugalJun 16, 2022$4,947$11,733