The Chosen Season 3 Finale

Jesus responds to a tense situation in the Decapolis, an area of Israel where Jews live with Greeks, Arabians, and Nabateans and where His followers' teachings have roused everyone to confusion and fury. He travels there and is quickly challenged by all kinds of religious and political problems. He begins to deal with them, as He will always deal with our problems, and more and more people come. The Bible tells us there were 5000 people there. They listen to Him for days, and then they are hungry; and He feeds them. After this triumph, everyone is ready to go home to Capernaum; especially Simon, who is deeply troubled by his wife's illness. Jesus heals other people, so why won't He heal His own followers? Jesus tells the disciples to proceed without Him, and they take a boat across the Sea of Galilee but encounter a fierce storm which threatens to destroy them. But again, the Lord saves them, in a truly spectacular way. And He rescues Simon, as well. "I think it's ready."


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