The Violin Teacher

The movie tells the story of Laerte (Lázaro Ramos), a talented violinist who after failing to be admitted into the OSESP Orchestra is forced to give music classes to teenagers in a public school at Heliopolis. His path is full of difficulties, but the transforming power of music and the friendship arising between the teacher and the students open the door into a new world.


Domestic ()
International (100%)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
FranceJun 22, 2016$108,358$246,184
HungaryJul 14, 2016$11,834
NetherlandsJan 5, 2017$22,814$53,886
RomaniaAug 19, 2016$1,352$2,801
SpainAug 12, 2016$48,068$237,820
TurkeyJul 7, 2017$444$1,268
Latin America
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
BrazilDec 3, 2015$3,795