The Banishment

A trip to the pastoral countryside reveals a dark, sinister reality for a family from the city.


Domestic (-)
International (100%)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
BelgiumFeb 13, 2008$8,524$8,899
FranceFeb 6, 2008$43,769$133,099
NorwayFeb 15, 2008$4,012$27,127
SwedenNov 23, 2007$9,862$50,458
TurkeyFeb 22, 2008$3,863$18,785
United KingdomAug 15, 2008$14,980$53,832
Asia Pacific
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
Russia/CISOct 4, 2007$92,806$332,224
SingaporeAug 28, 2008$5,814$16,677
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