Mer Baky 4

Hello. It's been quite a while since we last met. 25 years, to be more exact. The world has changed a lot since then: super speedy internet connection, insanely expensive bitcoins - Our backyard has changed a lot too. New people, dialects, morals and cars blocking access to garages. Hrant, who is one of the oldest residents, mastered a new profession, that of a cook. Lala has smoothly transformed her passion for interpreting daily tattle into a video blog. There's also another old-timer Ashot, who evades global changes and remains the same fabby good-laugh. Meanwhile, the new generation residents, namely Azat's granddaughter Arus and former chubby «violin nagger» nicknamed Dimedrol, have founded a start-up. A young man from China, named Chuan Lee, is renting Hrant's apartment. The latter is unknowingly involved in a clandestine scheme which has to do with smuggled gold. Who could ever imagine the chaos that fell over the good old yard after the arrival of the Hong Kong mafia.


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Russia/CISJan 6, 2022$3,852$6,040