Doraemon: Nobita and the Space Heroes

Nobita wishes to be a real hero. Doraemon uses his gadget, the Burger Director to make them a real movie superhero. Aron saw the five powers and abilities and asks them to help him save his planet, the planet Pokkuru. After their journey to the planet, the gang thought it was only Burger's doing but realizing that it is not a movie and they are actually fighting bad guys.


Domestic (-)
International (100%)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
ItalyJan 28, 2016$686,431$1,295,875
United Arab EmiratesDec 17, 2015$32,214$69,349
Asia Pacific
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
Hong KongAug 6, 2015$263,838$799,043
JapanMar 7, 2015$5,375,934$31,492,045
South Korea$70,113$696,169
TaiwanJul 24, 2015$61,077$108,560
VietnamJun 26, 2015$124,210$350,706
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