Mega Mindy en het zwarte kristal

Dressed as a Moorish warrior, fiend Axel steals a piece of black crystal from the tomb of the first sultan of Zahambra and puts it in a duplicator. He uses it to make an evil 'black' copy of Mega Mindy, but it's too weak to survive and he flees. Grandpa Fonkel receives an old inventors classmate, now ex-con, Klaus, who explains the machine, which he created, can be made to work but only with a huge black crystal. The only one was hidden by the first sultan of Zahamabra after ending a major disaster it caused, being a meteorite which heralded doom. So Toby and friends travel there and find Axl on their road, but also have to deal with the hedonistic sultan and a traitor.


Domestic (-)
International (100%)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
BelgiumDec 15, 2010$107,171$1,846,229
NetherlandsDec 15, 2010$46,700$1,070,213
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