The New Daughter

A single father moves his two children to rural South Carolina, only to watch his daughter exhibit increasingly strange behavior.


Domestic (-)
International (100%)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
CroatiaSep 23, 2010$5,020$23,787
NetherlandsOct 7, 2010$45,551$120,755
PortugalOct 21, 2010$21,208$51,650
SpainOct 15, 2010$150,781$280,587
United Arab EmiratesAug 11, 2011$35,203$85,759
Asia Pacific
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
Russia/CISNov 5, 2009
SingaporeAug 18, 2011$17,088
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