Luck by Chance

When Vikram gets tapped to play the male lead in a Bollywood film, he can't believe his luck. But it may ruin his relationship with his girlfriend.


Domestic (7.9%)
Summary Details
DistributorAdlabs Films
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Runtime2 hr 36 min
Opening Weekend$217,439
57 theaters
Widest Release57 theaters
In Release336 days/48 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jan 30, 2009Friday31$69,247--57$1,214$69,2471
Jan 31, 2009Saturday31$106,774+54.2%-57$1,873$176,0212
Feb 1, 2009Sunday31$41,418-61.2%-57$726$217,4393
Feb 2, 2009Monday34$7,127-82.8%-57$125$224,5664
Feb 3, 2009Tuesday34$9,614+34.9%-57$168$234,1805
Feb 4, 2009Wednesday34$8,045-16.3%-57$141$242,2256
Feb 5, 2009Thursday35$5,175-35.7%-57$90$247,4007
Feb 6, 2009Friday38$22,325+331.4%-67.8%49$455$269,7258
Feb 7, 2009Saturday38$37,816+69.4%-64.6%49$771$307,5419
Feb 8, 2009Sunday38$18,903-50%-54.4%49$385$326,44410
Feb 9, 2009Monday38$1,938-89.7%-72.8%49$39$328,38211
Feb 10, 2009Tuesday37$3,540+82.7%-63.2%49$72$331,92212
Feb 11, 2009Wednesday37$3,561+0.6%-55.7%49$72$335,48313
Feb 12, 2009Thursday39$2,545-28.5%-50.8%49$51$338,02814
Feb 13, 2009Friday42$3,040+19.4%-86.4%17$178$341,06815
Feb 14, 2009Saturday43$6,258+105.9%-83.5%17$368$347,32616
Feb 15, 2009Sunday43$4,066-35%-78.5%17$239$351,39217
Feb 16, 2009
Presidents' Day
Feb 17, 2009Tuesday45$609-68.4%-82.8%17$35$353,92819
Feb 18, 2009Wednesday46$530-13%-85.1%17$31$354,45820
Feb 19, 2009Thursday48$397-25.1%-84.4%17$23$354,85521
Feb 20, 2009Friday50$159-59.9%-94.8%7$22$355,01422
Feb 21, 2009Saturday50$423+166%-93.2%7$60$355,43723
Feb 22, 2009Sunday51$55-87%-98.6%7$7$355,49224
Feb 23, 2009Monday49$126+129.1%-93.5%7$18$355,61825
Feb 24, 2009Tuesday48$255+102.4%-58.1%7$36$355,87326
Feb 25, 2009Wednesday50$122-52.2%-77%7$17$355,99527
Feb 26, 2009Thursday51$24-80.3%-94%7$3$356,01928
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