Lucy in the Sky

Astronaut Lucy Cola returns to Earth after a transcendent experience during a mission to space, and begins to lose touch with reality in a world that now seems too small.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorFox Searchlight Pictures
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Runtime2 hr 4 min
Opening Weekend$54,058
37 theaters
GenresDrama Sci-Fi
Widest Release231 theaters
In Release45 days/6 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Oct 4, 2019Friday28$19,405--37$524$19,4051
Oct 5, 2019Saturday31$20,394+5.1%-37$551$39,7992
Oct 6, 2019Sunday30$14,259-30.1%-37$385$54,0583
Oct 7, 2019Monday28$6,238-56.3%-37$168$60,2964
Oct 8, 2019Tuesday30$7,406+18.7%-37$200$67,7025
Oct 9, 2019Wednesday30$7,583+2.4%-37$204$75,2856
Oct 10, 2019Thursday30$6,327-16.6%-37$171$81,6127
Oct 11, 2019Friday28$22,122+249.6%+14%198$111$103,7348
Oct 12, 2019Saturday28$32,300+46%+58.4%198$163$136,0349
Oct 13, 2019Sunday29$24,029-25.6%+68.5%198$121$160,06310
Oct 14, 2019
Columbus Day
Oct 15, 2019Tuesday26$16,697+22.5%+125.5%198$84$190,39112
Oct 16, 2019Wednesday26$12,788-23.4%+68.6%198$64$203,17913
Oct 17, 2019Thursday28$10,916-14.6%+72.5%198$55$214,09514
Oct 18, 2019Friday30$16,119+47.7%-27.1%231$69$230,21415
Oct 19, 2019Saturday31$22,246+38%-31.1%231$96$252,46016
Oct 20, 2019Sunday31$17,031-23.4%-29.1%231$73$269,49117
Oct 21, 2019Monday26$8,420-50.6%-38.2%231$36$277,91118
Oct 22, 2019Tuesday24$13,608+61.6%-18.5%231$58$291,51919
Oct 23, 2019Wednesday27$9,148-32.8%-28.5%231$39$300,66720
Oct 24, 2019Thursday26$7,332-19.9%-32.8%231$31$307,99921
Oct 25, 2019Friday44$2,186-70.2%-86.4%35$62$310,18522
Oct 26, 2019Saturday49$2,868+31.2%-87.1%35$81$313,05323
Oct 27, 2019Sunday50$1,946-32.1%-88.6%35$55$314,99924
Oct 28, 2019Monday45$1,235-36.5%-85.3%35$35$316,23425
Oct 29, 2019Tuesday44$1,387+12.3%-89.8%35$39$317,62126
Oct 30, 2019Wednesday46$1,081-22.1%-88.2%35$30$318,70227
Oct 31, 2019
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