Deli Man

A look at the history of delicatessens in the United States.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorCohen Media Group
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Runtime1 hr 32 min
Opening Weekend$37,321
15 theaters
Widest Release38 theaters
In Release308 days/44 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Mar 2, 2015Monday37$4,136--15$275$41,4574
Mar 3, 2015Tuesday39$4,307+4.1%-15$287$45,7645
Mar 4, 2015Wednesday41$3,457-19.7%-15$230$49,2216
Mar 9, 2015Monday35$5,868-+41.9%25$234$123,99411
Mar 10, 2015Tuesday34$7,950+35.5%+84.6%25$318$131,94412
Mar 11, 2015Wednesday36$7,552-5%+118.5%25$302$139,49613
Mar 16, 2015Monday34$6,404-+9.1%32$200$218,13718
Mar 17, 2015Tuesday38$5,795-9.5%-27.1%32$181$223,93219
Mar 18, 2015Wednesday36$7,276+25.6%-3.7%32$227$231,20820
Mar 23, 2015Monday29$7,418-+15.8%38$195$311,49125
Mar 24, 2015Tuesday33$6,373-14.1%+10%38$167$317,86426
Mar 25, 2015Wednesday29$7,444+16.8%+2.3%38$195$325,30827
Mar 30, 2015Monday30$5,066--31.7%34$149$402,03132
Mar 31, 2015Tuesday32$4,118-18.7%-35.4%35$117$406,14933
Apr 1, 2015Wednesday29$5,303+28.8%-28.8%35$151$411,45234
Apr 2, 2015Thursday34$4,382-17.4%-35$125$415,83435
Apr 6, 2015Monday37$2,080--58.9%25$83$440,61139
Apr 7, 2015Tuesday35$2,821+35.6%-31.5%25$112$443,43240
Apr 8, 2015Wednesday34$3,419+21.2%-35.5%25$136$446,85141
Apr 13, 2015Monday39$810--61.1%12$67$459,55046
Apr 14, 2015Tuesday37$1,109+36.9%-60.7%12$92$460,65947
Apr 15, 2015Wednesday35$1,681+51.6%-50.8%12$140$462,34048
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