Canal Street

After being arrested for the murder of a white classmate, a young black man's father fights in court for his son's vindication. Against all odds, they embrace their undying trust in each other and find faith in God.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorSmith Global Media
Runtime1 hr 29 min
Opening Weekend$108,259
73 theaters
GenresDrama Thriller
Widest Release73 theaters
In Release298 days/42 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jan 18, 2019Friday31$37,595--73$515$37,5951
Jan 19, 2019Saturday34$38,033+1.2%-73$521$75,6282
Jan 20, 2019Sunday33$32,631-14.2%-73$447$108,2593
Jan 21, 2019
Jan 22, 2019Tuesday30$17,666-47.4%-73$242$159,5055
Jan 23, 2019Wednesday32$11,242-36.4%-73$154$170,7476
Jan 24, 2019Thursday33$9,490-15.6%-73$130$180,2377
Jan 25, 2019Friday40$8,536-10.1%-77.3%22$388$188,7738
Jan 26, 2019Saturday43$11,352+33%-70.2%22$516$200,1259
Jan 27, 2019Sunday42$8,316-26.7%-74.5%22$378$208,44110
Jan 28, 2019Monday44$2,376-71.4%-92.9%22$108$210,81711
Jan 29, 2019Tuesday41$3,542+49.1%-80%22$161$214,35912
Jan 30, 2019Wednesday37$3,806+7.5%-66.1%22$173$218,16513
Jan 31, 2019Thursday42$2,288-39.9%-75.9%22$104$220,45314
Feb 1, 2019Friday44$3,744+63.6%-56.1%26$144$224,19715
Feb 2, 2019Saturday43$9,048+141.7%-20.3%26$348$233,24516
Feb 3, 2019Sunday47$2,496-72.4%-70%26$96$235,74117
Feb 4, 2019Monday44$1,690-32.3%-28.9%26$65$237,43118
Feb 5, 2019Tuesday41$3,276+93.8%-7.5%26$126$240,70719
Feb 6, 2019Wednesday41$2,210-32.5%-41.9%26$85$242,91720
Feb 7, 2019Thursday45$2,028-8.2%-11.4%26$78$244,94521
Feb 8, 2019Friday58$279-86.2%-92.5%3$93$245,22422
Feb 9, 2019Saturday57$1,293+363.4%-85.7%3$431$246,51723
Feb 10, 2019Sunday59$1,326+2.6%-46.9%3$442$247,84324
Feb 11, 2019Monday58$147-88.9%-91.3%3$49$247,99025
Feb 12, 2019Tuesday58$201+36.7%-93.9%3$67$248,19126
Feb 13, 2019Wednesday63$51-74.6%-97.7%3$17$248,24227
Feb 14, 2019Thursday49$3,675+7,105.9%+81.2%3$1,225$251,91728
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