What's Your Raashee?

A young man has only ten days to locate his soulmate as dictated by the stars, otherwise he could lose a fortune. He thus embarks on a journey through love, looking through twelve girls to find the one who fits his horoscope.


Domestic (81.9%)
Summary Details
DistributorUTV Motion Pictures
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Runtime3 hr 15 min
Opening Weekend$169,005
78 theaters
GenresComedy Drama Romance
Widest Release78 theaters
In Release98 days/14 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Sep 25, 2009Friday31$57,744--78$740$57,7441
Sep 26, 2009Saturday34$64,716+12.1%-78$829$122,4602
Sep 27, 2009Sunday33$46,545-28.1%-78$596$169,0053
Sep 28, 2009Monday35$8,364-82%-78$107$177,3694
Sep 29, 2009Tuesday33$10,700+27.9%-78$137$188,0695
Sep 30, 2009Wednesday34$9,945-7.1%-78$127$198,0146
Oct 1, 2009Thursday38$7,082-28.8%-78$90$205,0967
Oct 2, 2009Friday48$9,550+34.8%-83.5%43$222$214,6468
Oct 3, 2009Saturday48$14,904+56.1%-77%43$346$229,5509
Oct 4, 2009Sunday48$7,692-48.4%-83.5%43$178$237,24210
Oct 5, 2009Monday50$1,753-77.2%-79%43$40$238,99511
Oct 6, 2009Tuesday50$1,998+14%-81.3%43$46$240,99312
Oct 7, 2009Wednesday48$2,075+3.9%-79.1%43$48$243,06813
Oct 8, 2009Thursday50$1,536-26%-78.3%43$35$244,60414
Oct 9, 2009Friday52$1,729+12.6%-81.9%14$123$246,33315
Oct 10, 2009Saturday50$4,346+151.4%-70.8%14$310$250,67916
Oct 11, 2009Sunday50$3,435-21%-55.3%14$245$254,11417
Oct 12, 2009
Columbus Day
Oct 13, 2009Tuesday49$790-53.4%-60.5%12$65$256,60019
Oct 14, 2009Wednesday50$531-32.8%-74.4%12$44$257,13120
Oct 15, 2009Thursday51$327-38.4%-78.7%12$27$257,45821
Oct 16, 2009Friday57$154-52.9%-91.1%2$77$257,61222
Oct 17, 2009Saturday58$131-14.9%-97%2$65$257,74323
Oct 18, 2009Sunday58$125-4.6%-96.4%2$62$257,86824
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