Between Love & Goodbye

A modern gay drama about falling in and out of love, and the rocky road in between.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorEmbrem Entertainment
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Runtime1 hr 37 min
Opening Weekend$6,674
1 theaters
GenresDrama Music Romance
Widest Release2 theaters
In Release336 days/48 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jan 30, 2009Friday39$3,814--1$3,814$3,8141
Jan 31, 2009Saturday43$1,927-49.5%-1$1,927$5,7412
Feb 1, 2009Sunday43$933-51.6%-1$933$6,6743
Feb 2, 2009Monday44$407-56.4%-1$407$7,0814
Feb 3, 2009Tuesday41$926+127.5%-1$926$8,0075
Feb 4, 2009Wednesday43$459-50.4%-1$459$8,4666
Feb 5, 2009Thursday42$545+18.7%-1$545$9,0117
Mar 6, 2009Friday46$1,007--1$1,007$10,01836
Mar 7, 2009Saturday46$640-36.4%-1$640$10,65837
Mar 8, 2009Sunday49$344-46.2%-1$344$11,00238
Mar 9, 2009Monday46$161-53.2%-1$161$11,16339
Mar 10, 2009Tuesday47$96-40.4%-1$96$11,25940
Mar 11, 2009Wednesday46$209+117.7%-1$209$11,46841
Mar 12, 2009Thursday47$146-30.1%-1$146$11,61442
Apr 3, 2009Friday48$842--1$842$12,45664
Apr 4, 2009Saturday48$809-3.9%-1$809$13,26565
Apr 5, 2009Sunday48$611-24.5%-1$611$13,87666
Apr 6, 2009Monday45$286-53.2%-1$286$14,16267
Apr 7, 2009Tuesday46$264-7.7%-1$264$14,42668
Apr 8, 2009Wednesday46$196-25.8%-1$196$14,62269
Apr 9, 2009Thursday45$172-12.2%-1$172$14,79470
Apr 10, 2009Friday45$550+219.8%-34.7%2$275$15,34471
Apr 11, 2009Saturday45$810+47.3%+0.1%2$405$16,15472
Apr 12, 2009
Easter Sunday
Apr 13, 2009Monday44$195-55.1%-31.8%1$195$16,78374
Apr 14, 2009Tuesday45$146-25.1%-44.7%1$146$16,92975
Apr 15, 2009Wednesday44$246+68.5%+25.5%2$123$17,17576
Apr 16, 2009Thursday46$196-20.3%+14%2$98$17,37177
Apr 17, 2009Friday50$308+57.1%-44%1$308$17,67978
Apr 18, 2009Saturday48$364+18.2%-55.1%1$364$18,04379
Apr 19, 2009Sunday50$180-50.5%-58.5%1$180$18,22380
Apr 20, 2009Monday46$106-41.1%-45.6%1$106$18,32981
Apr 21, 2009Tuesday46$60-43.4%-58.9%1$60$18,38982
Apr 22, 2009Wednesday47$51-15%-79.3%1$51$18,44083
Apr 23, 2009Thursday47$40-21.6%-79.6%1$40$18,48084
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