Bennett's War

After surviving an IED explosion in combat overseas, a young soldier with the Army Motorcycle Unit is medically discharged with a broken back and leg. Against all odds he trains to make an impossible comeback as a motocross racer in order to support his family.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorForrest Films
Runtime1 hr 34 min
Opening Weekend$430,898
970 theaters
Widest Release970 theaters
In Release78 days/11 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Aug 30, 2019Friday23$143,675--970$148$143,6751
Aug 31, 2019Saturday27$143,560<0.1%-970$148$287,2352
Sep 1, 2019Sunday28$143,663<0.1%-970$148$430,8983
Sep 2, 2019
Labor Day
Sep 3, 2019Tuesday23$61,153-51.1%-970$63$617,0385
Sep 4, 2019Wednesday24$42,195-31%-970$43$659,2336
Sep 5, 2019Thursday26$26,582-37%-970$27$685,8157
Sep 6, 2019Friday39$10,105-62%-93%290$34$695,9208
Sep 7, 2019Saturday39$16,269+61%-88.7%290$56$712,1899
Sep 8, 2019Sunday36$12,853-21%-91.1%290$44$725,04210
Sep 9, 2019Monday35$5,385-58.1%-95.7%290$18$730,42711
Sep 10, 2019Tuesday34$9,274+72.2%-84.8%290$31$739,70112
Sep 11, 2019Wednesday34$5,657-39%-86.6%290$19$745,35813
Sep 12, 2019Thursday35$4,671-17.4%-82.4%290$16$750,02914
Sep 13, 2019Friday44$2,752-41.1%-72.8%55$50$752,78115
Sep 14, 2019Saturday43$3,612+31.2%-77.8%55$65$756,39316
Sep 15, 2019Sunday44$2,925-19%-77.2%55$53$759,31817
Sep 16, 2019Monday47$1,023-65%-81%55$18$760,34118
Sep 17, 2019Tuesday48$1,401+37%-84.9%55$25$761,74219
Sep 18, 2019Wednesday18$78,964+5,536.3%+1,295.9%128$616$840,70620
Sep 19, 2019Thursday9$159,086+101.5%+3,305.8%128$1,242$999,79221
Sep 20, 2019Friday32$18,421-88.4%+569.4%128$143$1,018,21322
Sep 21, 2019Saturday47$4,341-76.4%+20.2%55$78$1,022,55423
Sep 22, 2019Sunday47$2,920-32.7%-0.2%55$53$1,025,47424
Sep 23, 2019Monday59$136-95.3%-86.7%55$2$1,025,61025
Sep 24, 2019Tuesday59$225+65.4%-83.9%55$4$1,025,83526
Sep 25, 2019Wednesday59$156-30.7%-99.8%55$2$1,025,99127
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