The Winding Stream

The Winding Stream is a 90-minute High Definition music history documentary-in-progress that tells the story of the American roots music dynasty, the Carters and the Cashes. Starting with the Original Carter Family (A.P., Sara, Maybelle), the film traces the ebb and flow of their influence, the transformation of that act into the Carter Sisters, the marital alliance with legend Johnny Cash and the efforts of present-day family to keep this legacy alive. No one has yet pulled together all the elements of this family saga in one documentary. The goal of The Winding Stream is to honor this multi-generational family where it stands -- at the headwaters of American roots music.


Domestic (100%)
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DistributorArgot Pictures
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3 theaters
Release DateDec 16, 2015
Running Time1 hr 30 min
GenresBiography Documentary Family Music
In Release382 days/54 weeks
Widest Release3 theaters
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Dec 16, 2015Wednesday41$1,364--1$1,364$1,3641
Dec 17, 2015Thursday44$564-58.7%-1$564$1,9282
Dec 18, 2015Friday39$964+70.9%-3$321$2,8923
Dec 19, 2015Saturday38$1,430+48.3%-3$476$4,3224
Dec 20, 2015Sunday38$1,266-11.5%-3$422$5,5885
Dec 21, 2015Monday41$789-37.7%-3$263$6,3776
Dec 22, 2015Tuesday42$787-0.3%-3$262$7,1647
Dec 23, 2015Wednesday45$159-79.8%-88.3%3$53$7,3238
Dec 24, 2015Thursday42$230+44.7%-59.2%3$76$7,5539
Jan 2, 2016Saturday46$889--1$889$8,44218
Jan 3, 2016Sunday45$1,124+26.4%-1$1,124$9,56619
Jan 4, 2016Monday41$1,120-0.4%-1$1,120$10,68620
Jan 5, 2016Tuesday41$938-16.2%-1$938$11,62421
Jan 6, 2016Wednesday42$704-24.9%-1$704$12,32822
Jan 7, 2016Thursday41$769+9.2%-1$769$13,09723
Jan 8, 2016Friday44$1,413+83.7%-1$1,413$14,51024
Jan 9, 2016Saturday45$1,684+19.2%+89.4%1$1,684$16,19425
Jan 10, 2016Sunday47$214-87.3%-81%1$214$16,40826
Jan 13, 2016Wednesday41$1,118-+58.8%1$1,118$17,52629
Jan 22, 2016Friday44$205--1$205$17,73138
Jan 23, 2016Saturday41$364+77.6%-1$364$18,09539
Jan 24, 2016Sunday42$294-19.2%-1$294$18,38940
Jan 25, 2016Monday42$275-6.5%-1$275$18,66441
Jan 26, 2016Tuesday45$91-66.9%-1$91$18,75542
Jan 27, 2016Wednesday43$98+7.7%-1$98$18,85343
Jan 28, 2016Thursday37$437+345.9%-1$437$19,29044
Jan 29, 2016Friday49$138-68.4%-32.7%1$138$19,42845
Jan 30, 2016Saturday49$176+27.5%-51.6%1$176$19,60446
Jan 31, 2016Sunday47$204+15.9%-30.6%1$204$19,80847
Feb 1, 2016Monday44$40-80.4%-85.5%1$40$19,84848
Feb 2, 2016Tuesday43$35-12.5%-61.5%1$35$19,88349
Feb 3, 2016Wednesday46$44+25.7%-55.1%1$44$19,92750
Feb 4, 2016Thursday42$149+238.6%-65.9%1$149$20,07651
Feb 11, 2016Thursday38$3,413-+2,190.6%2$1,706$23,48958
Apr 22, 2016Friday38$1,942--3$647$25,431129
Apr 23, 2016Saturday38$1,895-2.4%-3$631$27,326130
Apr 24, 2016Sunday37$1,440-24%-3$480$28,766131
Apr 25, 2016Monday37$621-56.9%-3$207$29,387132
Apr 26, 2016Tuesday38$326-47.5%-3$108$29,713133
Apr 27, 2016Wednesday37$663+103.4%-3$221$30,376134
Apr 28, 2016Thursday38$873+31.7%-3$291$31,249135
Apr 29, 2016Friday44$694-20.5%-64.3%2$347$31,943136
Apr 30, 2016Saturday43$932+34.3%-50.8%2$466$32,875137
May 1, 2016Sunday44$545-41.5%-62.2%2$272$33,420138