Even in Dreams

The movie stars Sam, 18, an aspiring musician that just lost her older sister Amber. During the difficult grieving process, Sam finds comfort in singing and songwriting - fulfilling the dreams that Amber would now never be able to pursue. Along with Amber's band, Sam moves to Nashville to pursue Amber's dream of making a career in the music industry. Upon arrival, they sign with a music manager who immediately provides them with success, but at a price. As the taste of fame draws near, tensions begin to rise within the band. Will the industry tear them apart and change forever who they are? Even in Dreams is an inspiring, feel good, musically driven family film.


Domestic (100%)
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DistributorPurdie Distribution
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5 theaters
Release DateAug 6, 2021
Running Time2 hr
In Release79 days/11 weeks
Widest Release12 theaters
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Aug 6, 2021Friday25$4,858--5$971$4,8581
Aug 7, 2021Saturday29$1,246-74.4%-5$249$6,1042
Aug 8, 2021Sunday30$264-78.8%-5$52$6,3683
Aug 9, 2021Monday29$268+1.5%-5$53$6,6364
Aug 10, 2021Tuesday26$936+249.3%-5$187$7,5725
Aug 11, 2021Wednesday29$340-63.7%-5$68$7,9126
Aug 12, 2021Thursday29$352+3.5%-5$70$8,2647
Aug 13, 2021Friday32$351-0.3%-92.8%6$58$8,6158
Aug 14, 2021Saturday32$255-27.4%-79.5%6$42$8,8709
Aug 15, 2021Sunday32$91-64.3%-65.5%6$15$8,96110
Aug 16, 2021Monday29$146+60.4%-45.5%6$24$9,10711
Aug 17, 2021Tuesday28$263+80.1%-71.9%6$43$9,37012
Aug 18, 2021Wednesday30$110-58.2%-67.6%6$18$9,48013
Aug 19, 2021Thursday26$730+563.6%+107.4%6$121$10,21014
Aug 20, 2021Friday32$5-99.3%-98.6%1$5$10,21515
Aug 21, 2021Saturday32$25+400%-90.2%1$25$10,24016
Aug 22, 2021Sunday32$0-100%-100%1$0$10,24017
Aug 23, 2021Monday30$0--100%1$0$10,24018
Aug 24, 2021Tuesday30$0--100%1$0$10,24019
Aug 25, 2021Wednesday30$0--100%1$0$10,24020
Aug 26, 2021Thursday30$5--99.3%1$5$10,24521
Aug 27, 2021Friday26$1,429+28,480%+28,480%12$119$11,67422
Aug 28, 2021Saturday29$1,331-6.9%+5,224%12$110$13,00523
Aug 29, 2021Sunday26$1,167-12.3%-12$97$14,17224
Aug 30, 2021Monday26$427-63.4%-12$35$14,59925
Aug 31, 2021Tuesday29$337-21.1%-12$28$14,93626
Sep 1, 2021Wednesday29$385+14.2%-12$32$15,32127
Sep 2, 2021Thursday29$350-9.1%+6,900%12$29$15,67128