In 1995, director Steve James (of 'Hoop Dreams') returned to rural Southern Illinois to reconnect with Stevie Fielding, a troubled young boy to whom he had been an "Advocate Big Brother" ten years earlier.


Domestic (100%)
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Runtime2 hr 20 min
Opening Weekend$9,383
4 theaters
Widest Release13 theaters
In Release279 days/39 weeks


DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Mar 28, 2003Friday55$2,675--4$668$2,6751
Mar 29, 2003Saturday54$4,438+65.9%-4$1,109$7,1132
Mar 30, 2003Sunday56$2,269-48.9%-4$567$9,3833
Mar 31, 2003Monday54$1,202-47%-4$300$10,5854
Apr 1, 2003Tuesday52$1,152-4.2%-4$288$11,7375
Apr 2, 2003Wednesday54$1,165+1.1%-4$291$12,9026
Apr 3, 2003Thursday54$1,229+5.5%-4$307$14,1317
Apr 4, 2003Friday61$3,018+145.6%+12.8%7$431$17,1498
Apr 5, 2003Saturday62$4,670+54.7%+5.2%7$667$21,8199
Apr 6, 2003Sunday61$3,326-28.8%+46.6%7$475$24,98310
Apr 7, 2003Monday60$1,112-66.6%-7.5%7$158$26,09511
Apr 8, 2003Tuesday60$1,318+18.5%+14.4%7$188$27,41312
Apr 9, 2003Wednesday59$1,536+16.5%+31.8%7$219$28,94913
Apr 10, 2003Thursday59$1,613+5%+31.2%7$230$30,37814
Apr 11, 2003Friday65$2,271--9-$32,64915
Apr 12, 2003Saturday62$4,677--9-$37,32616
Apr 13, 2003Sunday59$3,061--9-$40,38817
Apr 18, 2003Friday61$3,845--11-$47,36122
Apr 19, 2003Saturday59$5,759--11-$53,12023
Apr 20, 2003
Easter Sunday
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