Play the Flute

Faced with an indifferent youth group, a new youth Pastor (Brett Varvel) tries to motivate his students to read God's Word and get serious about their faith.


Domestic (100%)
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DistributorFive & Two Pictures
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Runtime1 hr 43 min
Release DateJan 28, 2019
Widest Release11 theaters
In Release292 days/41 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jan 28, 2019Monday26$21,538--10$2,153$21,5381
Jan 29, 2019Tuesday30$15,200-29.4%-8$1,900$36,7382
Feb 12, 2019Tuesday35$7,210--4$1,802$43,94816
Feb 19, 2019Tuesday46$2,945--59.2%2$1,472$46,89323
Feb 24, 2019Sunday45$3,174--2$1,587$50,06728
Feb 25, 2019Monday31$18,454+481.4%-11$1,677$68,52129
Mar 3, 2019Sunday47$7,870-+148%5$1,574$76,39135
Mar 11, 2019Monday39$10,500--5$2,100$86,89143
Mar 12, 2019Tuesday46$7,320-30.3%-4$1,830$94,21144
Mar 19, 2019Tuesday59$2,600--64.5%1$2,600$96,81151
Mar 23, 2019Saturday52$8,150--5$1,630$104,96155
Apr 6, 2019Saturday58$1,156--1$1,156$106,11769
Apr 7, 2019Sunday41$7,787+573.6%-3$2,595$113,90470
Apr 16, 2019Tuesday41$3,610--2$1,805$117,51479
Apr 22, 2019Monday50$3,246--2$1,623$120,76085
May 8, 2019Wednesday45$1,224--1$1,224$125,007101
May 14, 2019Tuesday34$4,353--3$1,451$129,360107
May 16, 2019Thursday39$2,150--1$2,150$131,510109
May 20, 2019Monday32$6,639--4$1,659$140,431113
Jun 10, 2019Monday34$5,815--2$2,907$146,246134
Jun 12, 2019Wednesday41$1,972--1$1,972$148,218136
Jul 2, 2019Tuesday43$1,636--1$1,636$152,158156
Aug 20, 2019Tuesday42$3,298--1$3,298$155,456205
Oct 1, 2019Tuesday34$5,879--3$1,959$161,335247
Oct 8, 2019Tuesday26$10,554-+79.5%7$1,507$171,889254
Oct 9, 2019Wednesday40$1,011-90.4%-1$1,011$172,900255
Oct 14, 2019
Columbus Day
Oct 15, 2019Tuesday39$3,630+202.5%-65.6%2$1,815$177,730261
Oct 22, 2019Tuesday26$11,681-+221.8%2$5,840$189,411268
Oct 23, 2019Wednesday40$1,850-84.2%-1$1,850$191,261269
Nov 5, 2019Tuesday32$4,679--3$1,559$195,940282
Nov 12, 2019Tuesday32$3,064--34.5%3$1,021$199,004289
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