The Wandering Soap Opera

The film revolves around the concept of soap opera. Its structure is based on the assumption that Chilean reality does not exist, but rather is an ensemble of soap operas.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorThe Cinema Guild
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Runtime1 hr 20 min
Opening Weekend$512
1 theaters
GenresComedy Drama Fantasy
Release DateMay 17, 2019
Widest Release2 theaters
In Release179 days/25 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
May 17, 2019Friday53$163--1$163$1631
May 18, 2019Saturday51$287+76.1%-1$287$4502
May 19, 2019Sunday54$62-78.4%-1$62$5123
May 20, 2019Monday51$110+77.4%-1$110$6224
May 21, 2019Tuesday53$106-3.6%-1$106$7285
May 22, 2019Wednesday51$141+33%-1$141$8696
May 23, 2019Thursday52$75-46.8%-1$75$9447
May 31, 2019Friday54$25--1$25$96915
Jun 1, 2019Saturday55$25--1$25$99416
Jun 2, 2019Sunday54$70+180%-1$70$1,06417
Jun 3, 2019Monday51$70--1$70$1,13418
Jun 4, 2019Tuesday50$20-71.4%-1$20$1,15419
Jun 5, 2019Wednesday49$60+200%-1$60$1,21420
Jun 6, 2019Thursday49$115+91.7%-1$115$1,32921
Jun 7, 2019Friday55$20-82.6%-20%1$20$1,34922
Jun 8, 2019Saturday53$57+185%+128%1$57$1,40623
Jun 9, 2019Sunday54$46-19.3%-34.3%1$46$1,45224
Jun 10, 2019Monday51$156+239.1%+122.9%1$156$1,60825
Jun 11, 2019Tuesday51$136-12.8%+580%1$136$1,74426
Jun 12, 2019Wednesday54$170+25%+183.3%1$170$1,91427
Jun 13, 2019Thursday52$45-73.5%-60.9%1$45$1,95928
Jun 22, 2019Saturday52$23--1$23$1,98237
Jun 23, 2019Sunday52$25+8.7%-1$25$2,00738
Jun 28, 2019Friday55$20--1$20$2,02743
Jun 29, 2019Saturday56$125+525%+443.5%1$125$2,15244
Jun 30, 2019Sunday55$75-40%+200%1$75$2,22745
Jul 1, 2019Monday51$42-44%-1$42$2,26946
Jul 2, 2019Tuesday53$125+197.6%-2$62$2,39447
Jul 4, 2019
Independence Day
Jul 6, 2019Saturday51$9--92.8%1$9$2,49551
Jul 7, 2019Sunday51$16+77.8%-78.7%1$16$2,51152
Jul 14, 2019Sunday60$44-+175%1$44$2,55559
Jul 22, 2019Monday43$487--1$487$3,04267
Jul 24, 2019Wednesday44$408--1$408$3,45069
Aug 8, 2019Thursday53$55--1$55$3,50584
Aug 11, 2019Sunday58$92--1$92$3,59787
Aug 29, 2019Thursday59$27--1$27$3,624105
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