In Manhattan, a mother of two preparing for her daughter's sixth birthday party has no idea of the challenges she's about to face in order to pull off the event.


Domestic (12.9%)
Summary Details
DistributorFreestyle Releasing
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Runtime1 hr 30 min
Opening Weekend$50,081
48 theaters
GenresComedy Drama
Widest Release48 theaters
In Release77 days/11 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Oct 23, 2009Friday39$16,475--48$343$16,4751
Oct 24, 2009Saturday40$21,744+32%-48$453$38,2192
Oct 25, 2009Sunday40$11,862-45.4%-48$247$50,0813
Oct 26, 2009Monday39$4,055-65.8%-48$84$54,1364
Oct 27, 2009Tuesday35$6,456+59.2%-48$134$60,5925
Oct 28, 2009Wednesday37$4,701-27.2%-48$97$65,2936
Oct 29, 2009Thursday40$3,971-15.5%-48$82$69,2647
Oct 30, 2009Friday51$1,506-62.1%-90.9%10$150$70,7708
Oct 31, 2009
Nov 1, 2009Sunday51$1,912+21.9%-83.9%10$191$74,25010
Nov 2, 2009Monday48$758-60.4%-81.3%10$75$75,00811
Nov 3, 2009Tuesday48$1,045+37.9%-83.8%10$104$76,05312
Nov 4, 2009Wednesday49$762-27.1%-83.8%10$76$76,81513
Nov 5, 2009Thursday49$576-24.4%-85.5%10$57$77,39114
Nov 6, 2009Friday49$3,391+488.7%+125.2%19$178$80,78215
Nov 7, 2009Saturday50$4,010+18.3%+155.7%19$211$84,79216
Nov 8, 2009Sunday50$2,854-28.8%+49.3%19$150$87,64617
Nov 9, 2009Monday47$851-70.2%+12.3%19$44$88,49718
Nov 10, 2009Tuesday48$1,072+26%+2.6%19$56$89,56919
Nov 11, 2009Wednesday50$890-17%+16.8%19$46$90,45920
Nov 12, 2009Thursday45$1,447+62.6%+151.2%19$76$91,90621
Nov 13, 2009Friday55$363-74.9%-89.3%8$45$92,26922
Nov 14, 2009Saturday55$317-12.7%-92.1%8$39$92,58623
Nov 15, 2009Sunday55$314-0.9%-89%8$39$92,90024
Nov 16, 2009Monday52$124-60.5%-85.4%8$15$93,02425
Nov 17, 2009Tuesday52$139+12.1%-87%8$17$93,16326
Nov 18, 2009Wednesday54$116-16.5%-87%8$14$93,27927
Nov 19, 2009Thursday54$109-6%-92.5%8$13$93,38828
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