The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

The story of the titular girl known only as "Otome" and her insanely long night of partying and drinking-complete with a book fair, festival, and many adventures in between. It is also the story of "Senpai," her upper class man who has been attempting to get closer to her by "coincidentally" running into her again and again. However, on this night, meeting up with her may be the greatest challenge of his life.


Domestic (10.5%)
Summary Details
Runtime1 hr 32 min
Opening Weekend$18,302
10 theaters
GenresAdventure Animation Comedy Family Fantasy Romance
Widest Release415 theaters
In Release133 days/19 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Aug 21, 2018Tuesday18$168,321--415$405$168,3211
Aug 22, 2018Wednesday16$164,352-2.4%-415$396$332,6732
Aug 23, 2018Thursday41$3,926-97.6%-415$9$336,5993
Aug 24, 2018Friday47$6,285+60.1%-10$628$342,8844
Aug 25, 2018Saturday50$5,123-18.5%-10$512$348,0075
Aug 26, 2018Sunday48$6,894+34.6%-10$689$354,9016
Aug 27, 2018Monday45$4,727-31.4%-10$472$359,6287
Aug 28, 2018Tuesday47$4,851+2.6%-97.1%10$485$364,4798
Aug 29, 2018Wednesday47$3,565-26.5%-97.8%10$356$368,0449
Aug 30, 2018Thursday46$3,047-14.5%-22.4%10$304$371,09110
Aug 31, 2018Friday51$2,667-12.5%-57.6%6$444$373,75811
Sep 1, 2018Saturday53$2,661-0.2%-48.1%6$443$376,41912
Sep 2, 2018Sunday54$2,994+12.5%-56.6%6$499$379,41313
Sep 3, 2018
Labor Day
Sep 4, 2018Tuesday51$1,310-36.9%-73%6$218$382,79915
Sep 5, 2018Wednesday51$1,249-4.7%-65%6$208$384,04816
Sep 6, 2018Thursday51$1,375+10.1%-54.9%6$229$385,42317
Sep 7, 2018Friday56$1,213-11.8%-54.5%4$303$386,63618
Sep 8, 2018Saturday54$3,067+152.8%+15.3%4$766$389,70319
Sep 9, 2018Sunday56$1,564-49%-47.8%4$391$391,26720
Sep 10, 2018Monday54$1,148-26.6%-44.7%4$287$392,41521
Sep 11, 2018Tuesday52$2,123+84.9%+62.1%4$530$394,53822
Sep 12, 2018Wednesday52$1,646-22.5%+31.8%4$411$396,18423
Sep 13, 2018Thursday60$334-79.7%-75.7%4$83$396,51824
Sep 14, 2018Friday67$103-69.2%-91.5%3$34$396,62125
Sep 15, 2018Saturday67$522+406.8%-83%3$174$397,14326
Sep 16, 2018Sunday64$524+0.4%-66.5%3$174$397,66727
Sep 17, 2018Monday62$132-74.8%-88.5%3$44$397,79928
Sep 18, 2018Tuesday58$494+274.2%-76.7%3$164$398,29329
Sep 19, 2018Wednesday60$468-5.3%-71.6%3$156$398,76130
Sep 20, 2018Thursday55$944+101.7%+182.6%3$314$399,70531
Sep 24, 2018Monday48$1,785-+1,252.3%2$892$401,49035
Sep 25, 2018Tuesday64$168-90.6%-66%2$84$401,65836
Sep 26, 2018Wednesday57$626+272.6%+33.8%2$313$402,28437
Sep 27, 2018Thursday56$642+2.6%-32%2$321$402,92638
Sep 28, 2018Friday55$2,458+282.9%-2$1,229$405,38439
Sep 29, 2018Saturday61$1,106-55%-2$553$406,49040
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