Gringo Trails

Gringo Trails raises urgent questions about one of the most powerful global industries of our time: tourism. With stunning footage from Bolivia, Thailand, Mali, and Bhutan, the film follows the well-worn 'gringo trail' travel route in Latin America and beyond, revealing a complex web of relationships between cultures that collide yet need one another: host countries looking for financial security and the tourists who provide it in their quest for authentic experiences. Travelers, transformed by new landscapes and beliefs, also have unforeseeable--sometimes catastrophic effects on the places they visit. Through the life-changing stories of travelers and locals, Gringo Trails explores the dramatic impact of tourism around the world over the past three decades and gives examples of sustainable alternatives.


Domestic (100%)
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DistributorIcarus Films
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1 theaters
Running Time1 hr 19 min
GenresAdventure Documentary Drama History
In Release622 days/88 weeks
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