Avant qu'on explose

The Third World War is on the horizon. Despite attempts at nuclear deterrence, the threat of atomic bombings between North Korea and the United States is bringing the world's population back into a Cold War-like climate. In the small town of Baie-St-Paul (Quebec, Canada), Pier-Luc is afraid: afraid of dying, of course, but, above all, afraid of dying before he could make love for the first time. With his buddies, Hubert and Samuel, he goes through "the summer of last chances" and takes drastic measures in order to lose his virginity - Before we explode.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorEntertainment One
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Runtime1 hr 48 min
Opening Weekend$28,402
35 theaters
Widest Release35 theaters
In Release262 days/37 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Mar 1, 2019Friday44$9,368--35$267$9,3681
Mar 2, 2019Saturday45$9,577+2.2%-35$273$18,9452
Mar 3, 2019Sunday45$9,457-1.3%-35$270$28,4023
Mar 4, 2019Monday43$6,941-26.6%-35$198$35,3434
Mar 5, 2019Tuesday39$12,692+82.9%-35$362$48,0355
Mar 6, 2019Wednesday40$9,385-26.1%-35$268$57,4206
Mar 7, 2019Thursday41$8,446-10%-35$241$65,8667
Mar 8, 2019Friday46$7,875-6.8%-15.9%35$225$73,7418
Mar 9, 2019Saturday48$9,942+26.2%+3.8%35$284$83,6839
Mar 10, 2019Sunday51$4,264-57.1%-54.9%35$121$87,94710
Mar 11, 2019Monday51$2,143-49.7%-69.1%35$61$90,09011
Mar 12, 2019Tuesday49$4,901+128.7%-61.4%35$140$94,99112
Mar 13, 2019Wednesday50$2,528-48.4%-73.1%35$72$97,51913
Mar 14, 2019Thursday52$2,697+6.7%-68.1%35$77$100,21614
Mar 15, 2019Friday58$3,313+22.8%-57.9%23$144$103,52915
Mar 16, 2019Saturday60$4,123+24.4%-58.5%23$179$107,65216
Mar 17, 2019Sunday62$1,755-57.4%-58.8%23$76$109,40717
Mar 18, 2019Monday62$915-47.9%-57.3%23$39$110,32218
Mar 19, 2019Tuesday61$1,519+66%-69%23$66$111,84119
Mar 20, 2019Wednesday62$941-38.1%-62.8%23$40$112,78220
Mar 21, 2019Thursday61$743-21%-72.5%23$32$113,52521
Mar 22, 2019Friday62$1,038+39.7%-68.7%12$86$114,56322
Mar 23, 2019Saturday62$1,325+27.6%-67.9%12$110$115,88823
Mar 24, 2019Sunday63$433-67.3%-75.3%12$36$116,32124
Mar 25, 2019Monday63$255-41.1%-72.1%12$21$116,57625
Mar 26, 2019Tuesday63$375+47.1%-75.3%12$31$116,95126
Mar 27, 2019Wednesday62$305-18.7%-67.6%12$25$117,25627
Mar 28, 2019Thursday63$383+25.6%-48.5%12$31$117,63928
Mar 29, 2019Friday67$206-46.2%-80.2%7$29$117,84529
Mar 30, 2019Saturday66$560+171.8%-57.7%7$80$118,40530
Mar 31, 2019Sunday68$100-82.1%-76.9%7$14$118,50531
Apr 1, 2019Monday69$28-72%-89%7$4$118,53332
Apr 2, 2019Tuesday69$118+321.4%-68.5%7$16$118,65133
Apr 3, 2019Wednesday69$83-29.7%-72.8%7$11$118,73434
Apr 4, 2019Thursday69$51-38.6%-86.7%7$7$118,78535
Apr 5, 2019Friday66$153+200%-25.7%3$51$118,93836
Apr 6, 2019Saturday64$304+98.7%-45.7%3$101$119,24237
Apr 7, 2019Sunday67$66-78.3%-34%3$22$119,30838
Apr 8, 2019Monday63$35-47%+25%3$11$119,34339
Apr 9, 2019Tuesday63$85+142.9%-28%3$28$119,42840
Apr 10, 2019Wednesday62$100+17.6%+20.5%3$33$119,52841
Apr 19, 2019Friday69$24--2$12$119,55250
Apr 20, 2019Saturday69$85+254.2%-2$42$119,63751
Apr 21, 2019
Easter Sunday
Apr 22, 2019Monday67$54-58.1%-2$27$119,82053
Apr 23, 2019Tuesday66$5-90.7%-2$2$119,82554
Apr 24, 2019Wednesday64$69+1,280%-2$34$119,89455
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