The Hitcher

While driving through the New Mexico Desert during a rainy night, the college students Jim Halsey and his girlfriend Grace Andrews give a ride to the hitchhiker John Ryder. While in their car, the stranger proves to be a psychopath threatening the young couple with a knife, but Jim succeeds to throw him out of the car on the road. On the next morning, the young couple sees John in another car with a family, and while trying to advise the driver that the man is dangerous, they have an accident. While walking on the road, they find the whole family stabbed in the car, and John sees that the driver is still alive. He drives to a restaurant seeking for help, but the police blame Jim and Grace to the murder and send them to the police station. However, John kills the policemen and pursues the couple, playing a tragic and violent mouse and cat game with Grace and Jim.


Domestic (64.9%)
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DistributorRogue Pictures
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2,831 theaters
Running Time1 hr 24 min
GenresCrime Thriller
In Release347 days/49 weeks
Widest Release2,836 theaters


DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jan 19Friday3$2,797,000--2,831$987$2,797,0001
Jan 20Saturday4$3,409,000+21.9%-2,831$1,204$6,206,0002
Jan 21Sunday4$1,612,000-52.7%-2,831$569$7,818,2393
Jan 22Monday4$559,000-65.3%-2,831$197$8,377,0004
Jan 23Tuesday4$519,000-7.2%-2,831$183$8,896,0005
Jan 24Wednesday7$451,000-13.1%-2,831$159$9,347,0006
Jan 25Thursday7$453,000+0.4%-2,831$160$9,800,0457
Jan 26Friday9$1,092,000+141.1%-61%2,836$385$10,892,0008
Jan 27Saturday10$1,624,000+48.7%-52.4%2,836$572$12,516,0009
Jan 28Sunday11$917,000-43.5%-43.1%2,836$323$13,433,02010
Jan 29Monday11$251,000-72.6%-55.1%2,836$88$13,684,00011
Jan 30Tuesday11$250,000-0.4%-51.8%2,836$88$13,934,00012
Jan 31Wednesday13$242,000-3.2%-46.3%2,836$85$14,176,00013
Feb 1Thursday12$252,000+4.1%-44.4%2,836$88$14,429,29814
Feb 2Friday18$377,000+49.6%-65.5%1,496$252$14,806,00015
Feb 3Saturday19$557,000+47.7%-65.7%1,496$372$15,363,00016
Feb 4Sunday23$171,000-69.3%-81.4%1,496$114$15,533,89217
Feb 5Monday18$105,000-38.6%-58.2%1,496$70$15,639,00018
Feb 6Tuesday20$90,000-14.3%-64%1,496$60$15,729,00019
Feb 7Wednesday20$87,000-3.3%-64%1,496$58$15,816,00020
Feb 8Thursday20$89,000+2.3%-64.7%1,496$59$15,905,85821