This Magnificent Cake!

An anthology film set in colonial Africa in the late 19th century telling the stories of 5 different characters: a troubled king, a middle-aged Pygmy working in a luxury hotel, a failed businessman on an expedition, a lost porter and a young army deserter.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
Runtime44 min
Opening Weekend$991
1 theaters
GenresAnimation Comedy Drama History Short
Widest Release2 theaters
In Release262 days/37 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Mar 1, 2019Friday57$260--1$260$2601
Mar 2, 2019Saturday60$309+18.8%-1$309$5692
Mar 3, 2019Sunday61$422+36.6%-1$422$9913
Mar 4, 2019Monday59$201-52.4%-1$201$1,1924
Mar 5, 2019Tuesday59$225+11.9%-1$225$1,4175
Mar 6, 2019Wednesday58$241+7.1%-1$241$1,6586
Mar 7, 2019Thursday59$318+32%-1$318$1,9767
Mar 8, 2019Friday64$87-72.6%-66.5%1$87$2,0638
Mar 9, 2019Saturday62$308+254%-0.3%1$308$2,3719
Mar 10, 2019Sunday66$182-40.9%-56.9%1$182$2,55310
Mar 15, 2019Friday68$57--34.5%2$28$2,61015
Mar 16, 2019Saturday68$335+487.7%+8.8%2$167$2,94516
Mar 17, 2019Sunday67$265-20.9%+45.6%2$132$3,21017
Mar 18, 2019Monday67$78-70.6%-2$39$3,28818
Mar 19, 2019Tuesday72$67-14.1%-2$33$3,35519
Mar 20, 2019Wednesday68$54-19.4%-2$27$3,40920
Mar 21, 2019Thursday68$94+74.1%-2$47$3,50321
Mar 22, 2019Friday68$64-31.9%+12.3%2$32$3,56722
Mar 23, 2019Saturday68$209+226.6%-37.6%2$104$3,77623
Mar 24, 2019Sunday67$103-50.7%-61.1%2$51$3,87924
Mar 25, 2019Monday68$14-86.4%-82.1%2$7$3,89325
Mar 26, 2019Tuesday69$5-64.3%-92.5%2$2$3,89826
Mar 27, 2019Wednesday63$69+1,280%+27.8%2$34$3,96727
Mar 28, 2019Thursday59$890+1,189.9%+846.8%2$445$4,85728
Mar 29, 2019Friday68$77-91.3%+20.3%2$38$4,93429
Mar 30, 2019Saturday68$214+177.9%+2.4%2$107$5,14830
Mar 31, 2019Sunday67$222+3.7%+115.5%2$111$5,37031
Apr 1, 2019Monday68$82-63.1%+485.7%2$41$5,45232
Apr 2, 2019Tuesday66$358+336.6%+7,060%2$179$5,81033
Apr 3, 2019Wednesday67$109-69.6%+58%2$54$5,91934
Apr 5, 2019Friday64$238-+209.1%1$238$6,15736
Apr 9, 2019Tuesday61$174--51.4%1$174$6,33140
Apr 12, 2019Friday61$293-+23.1%1$293$6,62443
Apr 13, 2019Saturday60$452+54.3%-1$452$7,07644
Apr 14, 2019Sunday61$185-59.1%-1$185$7,26145
Apr 15, 2019Monday60$133-28.1%-1$133$7,39446
Apr 16, 2019Tuesday61$125-6%-28.2%1$125$7,51947
Apr 17, 2019Wednesday63$154+23.2%-1$154$7,67348
Apr 18, 2019Thursday64$215+39.6%-1$215$7,88849
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