The Romantics

Seven close friends reunite for the wedding of two of their friends. Problems arise because the bride and the maid of honor have had a long rivalry over the groom.


Domestic (86%)
Summary Details
DistributorFour of a Kind Productions
Runtime1 hr 35 min
Opening Weekend$45,527
2 theaters
GenresComedy Drama Romance
Widest Release14 theaters
In Release113 days/16 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Sep 10, 2010Friday36$16,128--2$8,064$16,1281
Sep 11, 2010Saturday38$15,257-5.4%-2$7,628$31,3852
Sep 12, 2010Sunday35$14,142-7.3%-2$7,071$45,5273
Sep 13, 2010Monday36$2,297-83.8%-2$1,148$47,8244
Sep 14, 2010Tuesday38$2,784+21.2%-2$1,392$50,6085
Sep 15, 2010Wednesday37$2,420-13.1%-2$1,210$53,0286
Sep 16, 2010Thursday38$2,320-4.1%-2$1,160$55,3487
Sep 17, 2010Friday43$7,536+224.8%-53.3%14$538$62,8848
Sep 18, 2010Saturday43$10,226+35.7%-33%14$730$73,1109
Sep 19, 2010Sunday42$8,393-17.9%-40.7%14$599$81,50310
Sep 20, 2010Monday38$3,099-63.1%+34.9%14$221$84,60211
Sep 21, 2010Tuesday34$7,257+134.2%+160.7%14$518$91,85912
Sep 22, 2010Wednesday42$2,672-63.2%+10.4%14$190$94,53113
Sep 23, 2010Thursday41$2,705+1.2%+16.6%14$193$97,23614
Sep 24, 2010Friday49$1,654-38.9%-78.1%6$275$98,89015
Sep 25, 2010Saturday49$2,745+66%-73.2%6$457$101,63516
Sep 26, 2010Sunday49$1,645-40.1%-80.4%6$274$103,28017
Sep 27, 2010Monday47$682-58.5%-78%6$113$103,96218
Sep 28, 2010Tuesday47$1,047+53.5%-85.6%6$174$105,00919
Sep 29, 2010Wednesday47$568-45.7%-78.7%6$94$105,57720
Sep 30, 2010Thursday46$947+66.7%-65%6$157$106,52421
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