You Kill Me

While drying out on the West Coast, an alcoholic hitman befriends a tart-tongued woman who might just come in handy when it's time for him to return to Buffalo and settle some old scores.


Domestic (64.8%)
Summary Details
DistributorIFC Films
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Runtime1 hr 33 min
Opening Weekend$247,000
35 theaters
GenresComedy Crime Romance Thriller
Widest Release252 theaters
In Release63 days/9 weeks


DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jun 22, 2007Friday19$63,000--35-$63,0001
Jun 23, 2007Saturday19$100,000--35-$163,0002
Jun 24, 2007Sunday19$71,000--35-$233,7093
Jun 25, 2007Monday20$29,000--35-$263,0004
Jun 26, 2007Tuesday20$29,000--35-$292,0005
Jun 27, 2007Wednesday21$24,000--35-$316,0006
Jun 28, 2007Thursday21$22,000--35-$334,0007
Jun 29, 2007Friday25$41,000--39-$375,0008
Jun 30, 2007Saturday23$66,000--39-$441,0009
Jul 1, 2007Sunday24$46,000--39-$490,03610
Jul 2, 2007Monday27$14,000--39-$504,00011
Jul 3, 2007Tuesday26$20,000--39-$524,00012
Jul 4, 2007
Independence Day
Jul 5, 2007Thursday27$18,000--39-$582,49314
Jul 6, 2007Friday22$70,000--63-$652,00015
Jul 7, 2007Saturday22$104,000--63-$756,00016
Jul 8, 2007Sunday21$73,000--63-$828,99417
Jul 9, 2007Monday24$25,000--63-$854,00018
Jul 10, 2007Tuesday23$26,000--63-$880,00019
Jul 11, 2007Wednesday24$25,000--63-$905,00020
Jul 12, 2007Thursday26$20,000--63-$924,78821
Jul 13, 2007Friday16$170,000--247-$1,095,00022
Jul 14, 2007Saturday16$249,000--247-$1,344,00023
Jul 15, 2007Sunday17$170,000--247-$1,514,15624
Jul 16, 2007Monday19$56,000--247-$1,570,00025
Jul 17, 2007Tuesday20$64,000--247-$1,634,00026
Jul 18, 2007Wednesday20$62,000--247-$1,696,00027
Jul 19, 2007Thursday20$62,000--247-$1,758,37828
Jul 20, 2007Friday22$91,000--252-$1,849,00029
Jul 21, 2007Saturday20$127,000--252-$1,976,00030
Jul 22, 2007Sunday23$88,000--252-$2,064,98731
Jul 23, 2007Monday23$38,000--252-$2,103,00032
Jul 24, 2007Tuesday23$38,000--252-$2,141,00033
Jul 25, 2007Wednesday23$34,000--252-$2,175,00034
Jul 26, 2007Thursday24$28,000--248-$2,203,46435
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