Box Elder

Box elder bugs are loud, scary looking, and dependent on group swarming. Yet, they're also completely harmless and extremely passive aggressive. Using this metaphor to address a generation that thinks big, talks fast, and threatens to change the world, Box Elder is an unapologetic portrait of a youth movement at odds with its own ambivalence, exposing a generation defined by privilege, potential, and self-induced paralysis. The film follows four best friends through their last years of college. Dependant on their parents financially, and on each other emotionally, they spend their time sleeping in, hanging out, and eating lots of sandwiches. Using break-ups and re-occurring scholastic failures to impose a quarter-life crisis, they take turns postponing responsibility, avoiding accountability, and looking for someone or something to substantiate their lives, all the while hedging their bets and mastering the art of treading water and getting away with it. It's a collegiate love letter.


Domestic (100%)
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1 theaters
Release DateMar 3, 2008
Running Time1 hr 29 min
In Release1,034 days/147 weeks
Widest Release2 theaters
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May 22, 2008Thursday38$3,218--1$3,218$35,52581
Mar 9, 2008Sunday50$1,395+26.6%-1$1,395$6,1257
Mar 30, 2008Sunday54$1,365+433.2%+1,383.7%1$1,365$13,43428
Apr 2, 2008Wednesday42$1,200-+512.2%1$1,200$14,63431
Mar 3, 2008Monday50$1,159--1$1,159$1,1591
Mar 8, 2008Saturday52$1,102+59.5%-1$1,102$4,7306
May 23, 2008Friday41$1,100-65.8%-1$1,100$36,62582
Mar 5, 2008Wednesday51$969--1$969$2,1283
Mar 15, 2008Saturday56$840+70.4%-23.8%1$840$9,12513
Apr 30, 2008Wednesday52$835--1$835$24,90659
Mar 6, 2008Thursday51$809-16.5%-1$809$2,9374
Mar 21, 2008Friday57$779+565.8%+58%1$779$10,84719
Apr 25, 2008Friday53$750--1$750$24,07154
Mar 10, 2008Monday49$739-47%-36.2%1$739$6,8648
Mar 7, 2008Friday52$691-14.6%-1$691$3,6285
May 6, 2008Tuesday49$675--1$675$25,90765
Dec 8, 2008Monday44$644--1$644$42,996281
Mar 7, 2009Saturday47$602+78.6%-1$602$45,761370
Nov 7, 2009Saturday57$510--1$510$48,327615
May 24, 2008Saturday42$500-54.5%-1$500$37,12583
Mar 14, 2008Friday57$493+47.2%-28.7%1$493$8,28512
Dec 2, 2008Tuesday45$466--1$466$42,352275
Dec 9, 2008Tuesday46$456-29.2%-2.1%1$456$43,452282
Sep 19, 2008Friday50$442--1$442$38,123201
Nov 18, 2009Wednesday49$395--1$395$48,722626
Mar 5, 2009Thursday49$380--1$380$44,822368
Mar 11, 2008Tuesday51$371-49.8%-1$371$7,2359
Aug 27, 2009Thursday45$354--1$354$46,335543
Jun 7, 2008Saturday44$348--1$348$37,47397
Oct 15, 2009Thursday50$342--1$342$46,988592
Mar 6, 2009Friday50$337-11.3%-1$337$45,159369
Mar 13, 2008Thursday52$335+50.9%-58.6%1$335$7,79211
Mar 16, 2008Sunday57$335-60.1%-76%1$335$9,46014
May 3, 2008Saturday55$326--1$326$25,23262
Nov 5, 2009Thursday52$306-+1,430%1$306$47,817613
Oct 22, 2009Thursday53$287--16.1%1$287$47,275599
Sep 27, 2009Sunday54$273--1$273$46,628574
Mar 29, 2008Saturday56$256+23.7%+31.3%1$256$12,06927
Nov 3, 2008Monday55$250--1$250$40,636246
Aug 25, 2009Tuesday45$240--1$240$46,001541
Mar 12, 2008Wednesday53$222-40.2%-77.1%1$222$7,45710
Mar 28, 2008Friday56$207--73.4%1$207$11,81326
Mar 18, 2008Tuesday57$202+27.8%-45.6%1$202$9,82016
Mar 26, 2008Wednesday57$196+47.4%+49.6%1$196$11,60624
Mar 22, 2008Saturday58$195-75%-76.8%1$195$11,04220
Mar 17, 2008Monday56$158-52.8%-78.6%1$158$9,61815
Mar 6, 2010Saturday44$156+32.2%-1$156$48,996734
Mar 24, 2008Monday58$143+55.4%-9.5%1$143$11,27722
Oct 24, 2009Saturday59$140+84.2%-1$140$47,491601
Mar 25, 2008Tuesday58$133-7%-34.2%1$133$11,41023
Mar 19, 2008Wednesday59$131-35.1%-41%1$131$9,95117
Mar 5, 2010Friday43$118--1$118$48,840733
Mar 20, 2008Thursday58$117-10.7%-65.1%1$117$10,06818
Aug 2, 2008Saturday44$104--1$104$37,681153
Jul 5, 2008Saturday40$104--1$104$37,577125
Mar 23, 2008
Easter Sunday
Oct 23, 2009Friday59$76-73.5%-1$76$47,351600
Oct 3, 2008Friday55$65--1$65$38,188215
Oct 29, 2009Thursday59$20--93%1$20$47,511606
Oct 4, 2009Sunday61$18--93.4%1$18$46,646581