I'm in Love with a Church Girl

Miles Montego (Ja Rule) has it all - cars, boats, good looks, mansion, money, women, but more importantly, he has a past. Miles is a retired high level drug trafficker who is now completely legitimate. Even though Miles has turned over a new leaf, the DEA can't seem to let him out of their sights. Miles' only downfall is that he is extremely loyal to his circle of friends and former colleagues who are not retired from the lucrative business. Struggling to keep on the right side of the law, Miles meets the one girl of his dreams but she's not the usual type of girl that he's used to dating. Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon) is a church girl in every sense of the word. They are tested to their last ounce of faith and strength in God and each other. God continues to chip away at Miles through struggles from his past, having to live up to his reputation, feelings of unworthiness, the death of his mother, federal charges, his friends being indicted, the strain on his relationship with Vanessa, almost losing her in a near fatal car accident, and finally the spiritual breakdown and one on one with God that brings Miles to his knees.


Domestic (95.4%)
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DistributorHigh Top Releasing
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457 theaters
Running Time1 hr 58 min
GenresCrime Drama Romance
In Release77 days/11 weeks
Widest Release458 theaters
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Oct 18, 2013Friday14$349,849--457$765$349,8491
Oct 19, 2013Saturday15$397,013+13.5%-457$868$746,8622
Oct 20, 2013Sunday17$224,964-43.3%-457$492$971,8263
Oct 21, 2013Monday16$63,016-72%-457$137$1,034,8424
Oct 22, 2013Tuesday17$66,909+6.2%-457$146$1,101,7515
Oct 23, 2013Wednesday17$51,618-22.9%-457$112$1,153,3696
Oct 24, 2013Thursday17$56,803+10%-457$124$1,210,1727
Oct 25, 2013Friday19$148,864+162.1%-57.4%458$325$1,359,0368
Oct 26, 2013Saturday17$228,226+53.3%-42.5%458$498$1,587,2629
Oct 27, 2013Sunday18$129,225-43.4%-42.6%458$282$1,716,48710
Oct 28, 2013Monday20$37,953-70.6%-39.8%458$82$1,754,44011
Oct 29, 2013Tuesday19$42,364+11.6%-36.7%458$92$1,796,80412
Oct 30, 2013Wednesday20$30,961-26.9%-40%458$67$1,827,76513
Oct 31, 2013
Nov 1, 2013Friday25$49,348+25.5%-66.9%243$203$1,916,43515
Nov 2, 2013Saturday23$92,727+87.9%-59.4%243$381$2,009,16216
Nov 3, 2013Sunday24$48,124-48.1%-62.8%243$198$2,057,28617
Nov 4, 2013Monday26$13,088-72.8%-65.5%243$53$2,070,37418
Nov 5, 2013Tuesday25$17,143+31%-59.5%243$70$2,087,51719
Nov 6, 2013Wednesday25$11,048-35.6%-64.3%243$45$2,098,56520
Nov 7, 2013Thursday26$11,278+2.1%-71.3%243$46$2,109,84321
Nov 8, 2013Friday31$13,072+15.9%-73.5%74$176$2,122,91522
Nov 9, 2013Saturday31$26,524+102.9%-71.4%74$358$2,149,43923
Nov 10, 2013Sunday34$16,308-38.5%-66.1%74$220$2,165,74724
Nov 11, 2013Monday30$10,067-38.3%-23.1%74$136$2,175,81425
Nov 12, 2013Tuesday33$3,681-63.4%-78.5%74$49$2,179,49526
Nov 13, 2013Wednesday32$3,138-14.8%-71.6%74$42$2,182,63327
Nov 14, 2013Thursday32$3,219+2.6%-71.5%74$43$2,185,85228
Nov 15, 2013Friday25$32,337+904.6%+147.4%55$587$2,218,18929
Nov 16, 2013Saturday24$56,108+73.5%+111.5%55$1,020$2,274,29730
Nov 17, 2013Sunday25$29,925-46.7%+83.5%55$544$2,304,22231
Nov 18, 2013Monday27$6,364-78.7%-36.8%55$115$2,310,58632
Nov 19, 2013Tuesday29$5,999-5.7%+63%55$109$2,316,58533
Nov 20, 2013Wednesday29$4,837-19.4%+54.1%55$87$2,321,42234
Nov 21, 2013Thursday25$7,794+61.1%+142.1%55$141$2,329,21635
Nov 22, 2013Friday32$15,729+101.8%-51.4%17$925$2,344,94536
Nov 23, 2013Saturday33$22,995+46.2%-59%17$1,352$2,367,94037
Nov 24, 2013Sunday34$12,465-45.8%-58.3%17$733$2,380,40538
Nov 25, 2013Monday34$2,694-78.4%-57.7%17$158$2,383,09939
Nov 26, 2013Tuesday34$4,631+71.9%-22.8%17$272$2,387,73040