Casanova, Last Love

In the eighteenth century, Casanova, known for his taste for fun and play, arrived in London after having to go into exile. In this city of which he knows nothing, he meets several times a young courtesan, the Charpillon, which attracts him to the point of forgetting the other women. Casanova is ready to do anything to achieve her ends, but La Charpillon always escapes under the most diverse pretexts. She challenges him, she wants him to love her as much as he wants.


Domestic (2%)
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DistributorCohen Media Group
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6 theaters
Release DateJul 14, 2021
Running Time1 hr 38 min
GenresDrama History Romance
In Release98 days/14 weeks
Widest Release6 theaters
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jul 14, 2021Wednesday21$579--4$144$5791
Jul 15, 2021Thursday21$385-33.5%-4$96$9642
Jul 16, 2021Friday28$876+127.5%-6$146$1,8403
Jul 17, 2021Saturday25$720-17.8%-6$120$2,5604
Jul 18, 2021Sunday25$530-26.4%-6$88$3,0905
Jul 19, 2021Monday25$228-57%-6$38$3,3186
Jul 20, 2021Tuesday25$393+72.4%-6$65$3,7117
Jul 21, 2021Wednesday27$404+2.8%-30.2%6$67$4,1158
Jul 22, 2021Thursday27$267-33.9%-30.6%6$44$4,3829
Jul 23, 2021Friday35$552+106.7%-37%4$138$4,93410
Jul 24, 2021Saturday35$353-36.1%-51%4$88$5,28711
Jul 25, 2021Sunday34$722+104.5%+36.2%4$180$6,00912
Jul 26, 2021Monday35$107-85.2%-53.1%4$26$6,11613
Jul 27, 2021Tuesday35$91-15%-76.8%4$22$6,20714
Jul 28, 2021Wednesday35$133+46.2%-67.1%4$33$6,34015
Jul 29, 2021Thursday35$174+30.8%-34.8%4$43$6,51416
Jul 30, 2021Friday30$546+213.8%-1.1%6$91$7,06017
Jul 31, 2021Saturday30$958+75.5%+171.4%6$159$8,01818
Aug 1, 2021Sunday29$547-42.9%-24.2%6$91$8,56519
Aug 2, 2021Monday31$244-55.4%+128%6$40$8,80920
Aug 3, 2021Tuesday32$207-15.2%+127.5%6$34$9,01621
Aug 4, 2021Wednesday30$388+87.4%+191.7%6$64$9,40422
Aug 5, 2021Thursday32$234-39.7%+34.5%6$39$9,63823
Aug 6, 2021Friday33$50-78.6%-90.8%2$25$9,68824
Aug 7, 2021Saturday33$111+122%-88.4%2$55$9,79925
Aug 8, 2021Sunday33$34-69.4%-93.8%2$17$9,83326
Aug 9, 2021Monday31$0-100%-100%2$0$9,83327
Aug 10, 2021Tuesday31$34--83.6%2$17$9,86728
Aug 11, 2021Wednesday31$24-29.4%-93.8%2$12$9,89129
Aug 12, 2021Thursday32$36+50%-84.6%2$18$9,92630
Aug 13, 2021Friday29$378+950%+656%1$378$10,30431
Aug 14, 2021Saturday30$355-6.1%+219.8%1$355$10,65932
Aug 15, 2021Sunday28$265-25.4%+679.4%1$265$10,92433