Alone Yet Not Alone

The year is 1755, and the English colonies are being ravaged by the atrocities of war. Opposing European powers have clashed over the fertile Ohio valley, and entire families are devastated by the ensuing violence. Hostile native tribes are raiding the vulnerable frontier farms, and two young sisters are among those taken captive. While hoping for rescue and return to their home, they are comforted with the words of a family hymn: Alone Yet Not Alone. But when the sisters are suddenly and cruelly separated, their tender faith is brought to a stretching point. Forcibly immersed into a primitive foreign culture, the older sister, Barbara, clings to her beliefs. Yet now a deeper fate threatens, and she makes a difficult decision: to risk her life in an attempt to escape. Pursued by a relentless and cunning warrior, Barbara and her three fellow captives must cross over two hundred miles of raw wilderness in their effort to reach friendly territory. Will their courage and trust in God be enough to see them through? And if they do succeed, will they find their family? Will Barbara ever see her sister again? Alone Yet Not Alone depicts the riveting true story of a family at a critical juncture in our nation's history.


Domestic (100%)
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DistributorSeatzy/Integrated Media Association
11 theaters
Running Time1 hr 43 min
GenresAction Drama History Romance War
In Release461 days/65 weeks
Widest Release103 theaters
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Jun 13, 2014Friday23$53,121--103$515$186,667260
Jun 14, 2014Saturday13$347,438+554.1%-103$3,373$534,105261
Jun 15, 2014Sunday15$134,067-61.4%-103$1,301$668,172262
Jun 16, 2014Monday26$19,346-85.6%-103$187$687,518263
Jun 17, 2014Tuesday26$23,254+20.2%-103$225$710,772264
Jun 18, 2014Wednesday28$19,443-16.4%-103$188$730,215265
Jun 19, 2014Thursday28$19,826+2%-103$192$750,041266
Jun 20, 2014Friday28$24,382+23%-54.1%80$304$774,423267
Jun 21, 2014Saturday28$36,010+47.7%-89.6%80$450$810,433268
Jun 22, 2014Sunday29$20,159-44%-85%80$251$830,592269
Jun 23, 2014Monday30$8,770-56.5%-54.7%80$109$839,362270
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Jun 25, 2014Wednesday30$8,828-25.7%-54.6%80$110$860,067272
Jun 26, 2014Thursday29$9,516+7.8%-52%80$118$869,583273
Jun 27, 2014Friday39$4,740-50.2%-80.6%20$237$874,323274
Jun 28, 2014Saturday40$5,721+20.7%-84.1%20$286$880,044275
Jun 29, 2014Sunday40$3,554-37.9%-82.4%20$177$883,598276
Jun 30, 2014Monday38$2,069-41.8%-76.4%20$103$885,667277
Jul 1, 2014Tuesday40$1,964-5.1%-83.5%20$98$887,631278
Jul 2, 2014Wednesday46$220-88.8%-97.5%20$11$887,851279