For Those Who Don't Read Me

All his life, Yves dedicated himself to poetry, carrying his suitcase to any couch that would welcome him. When he storms into Dyane's life, a graphic designer who falls for his charms, her son Marc immediately disapproves of this eccentric stranger in his mother's bed. But the studious teenager soon finds Yves' rebel ways contagious and begins to explore his own artistic side. Meanwhile, the poet feels increasingly trapped in his new life and decides to sabotage everything in a great outburst. Now alone at the end of the world, he realizes his words no longer mean anything. Freely inspired by the life and work of Quebec poet Yves Boisvert (1950-2012), For Those Who Don't Read Me tells the story of a man's quest for the absolute, fighting not to end up forgotten between two cookbooks.


Domestic (100%)
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DistributorEntertainment One
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5 theaters
Release DateNov 23, 2018
Running Time1 hr 47 min
In Release404 days/57 weeks
Widest Release6 theaters
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Nov 23Friday45$2,973--5$594$2,9731
Nov 24Saturday44$3,648+22.7%-5$729$6,6212
Nov 25Sunday45$2,642-27.6%-5$528$9,2633
Nov 26Monday43$1,586-40%-5$317$10,8494
Nov 27Tuesday42$1,884+18.8%-5$376$12,7335
Nov 28Wednesday44$1,616-14.2%-5$323$14,3496
Nov 29Thursday46$1,677+3.8%-5$335$16,0267
Nov 30Friday46$2,072+23.6%-30.3%5$414$18,0988
Dec 1Saturday47$2,482+19.8%-32%5$496$20,5809
Dec 2Sunday46$2,136-13.9%-19.2%5$427$22,71610
Dec 3Monday45$981-54.1%-38.1%5$196$23,69711
Dec 4Tuesday44$1,707+74%-9.4%5$341$25,40412
Dec 5Wednesday45$1,000-41.4%-38.1%5$200$26,40413
Dec 6Thursday46$943-5.7%-43.8%5$188$27,34714
Dec 7Friday54$791-16.1%-61.8%4$197$28,13815
Dec 8Saturday53$1,030+30.2%-58.5%4$257$29,16816
Dec 9Sunday52$999-3%-53.2%4$249$30,16717
Dec 10Monday54$476-52.4%-51.5%4$119$30,64318
Dec 11Tuesday52$845+77.5%-50.5%4$211$31,48819
Dec 12Wednesday55$623-26.3%-37.7%4$155$32,11120
Dec 13Thursday54$628+0.8%-33.4%4$157$32,73921
Dec 14Friday60$151-76%-80.9%2$75$32,89022
Dec 15Saturday60$699+362.9%-32.1%2$349$33,58923
Dec 16Sunday59$285-59.2%-71.5%2$142$33,87424
Dec 17Monday58$248-13%-47.9%2$124$34,12225
Dec 18Tuesday56$263+6%-68.9%2$131$34,38526
Dec 19Wednesday60$338+28.5%-45.7%2$169$34,72327
Dec 20Thursday59$198-41.4%-68.5%2$99$34,92128
Jan 11Friday50$325--1$325$35,24650
Jan 28Monday55$102--3$34$35,34867
Jan 29Tuesday55$61-40.2%-3$20$35,40968
Jan 31Thursday56$51--3$17$35,46070
Feb 1Friday55$179+251%-6$29$35,63971
Feb 2Saturday55$97-45.8%-6$16$35,73672
Feb 3Sunday54$349+259.8%-6$58$36,08573
Feb 4Monday52$319-8.6%+212.7%6$53$36,40474
Feb 5Tuesday57$33-89.7%-45.9%6$5$36,43775
Feb 7Thursday58$69-+35.3%6$11$36,50677