In rural Alabama, two couples find themselves in a fight for survival. Running from a maniac (The Tin Man) bent on killing them, they flee deep into the woods and seek refuge in a house. They soon realize the killer has purposely lured them to this house and that they are now trapped. As they huddle around an old fireplace, a tin can falls through the chimney. Scrawled on its side is a message from the killer, establishing his House Rules. The rules call for their deaths unless they kill at least one of the four. They have less than 12 hours to find a way to survive. At sunrise the game is over and everyone dies if the killer's demands aren't met. What they quickly learn is that the only way out... is in. But going further into this house--where unknown challenges await them--is equally deadly.


Domestic (50.4%)
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DistributorRoadside Attractions
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363 theaters
Running Time1 hr 28 min
In Release56 days/8 weeks
Widest Release363 theaters
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Nov 7, 2008Friday20$118,841--363$327$118,8411
Nov 8, 2008Saturday26$128,717+8.3%-363$354$247,5582
Nov 9, 2008Sunday25$79,887-37.9%-363$220$327,4453
Nov 10, 2008Monday24$33,973-57.5%-363$93$361,4184
Nov 11, 2008Tuesday25$38,943+14.6%-363$107$400,3615
Nov 12, 2008Wednesday25$22,473-42.3%-363$61$422,8346
Nov 13, 2008Thursday25$23,579+4.9%-363$64$446,4137
Nov 14, 2008Friday33$26,059+10.5%-78.1%234$111$472,4728
Nov 15, 2008Saturday33$36,852+41.4%-71.4%234$157$509,3249
Nov 16, 2008Sunday34$20,860-43.4%-73.9%234$89$530,18410
Nov 17, 2008Monday29$8,363-59.9%-75.4%234$35$538,54711
Nov 18, 2008Tuesday29$8,002-4.3%-79.5%234$34$546,54912
Nov 19, 2008Wednesday29$8,078+0.9%-64.1%234$34$554,62713
Nov 20, 2008Thursday29$8,694+7.6%-63.1%234$37$563,32114
Nov 21, 2008Friday45$1,341-84.6%-94.9%14$95$564,66215
Nov 22, 2008Saturday45$1,847+37.7%-95%14$131$566,50916
Nov 23, 2008Sunday45$1,349-27%-93.5%14$96$567,85817
Nov 24, 2008Monday45$299-77.8%-96.4%14$21$568,15718
Nov 25, 2008Tuesday43$611+104.3%-92.4%14$43$568,76819
Nov 26, 2008Wednesday49$153-75%-98.1%14$10$568,92120
Nov 27, 2008
Nov 28, 2008Friday50$377+64.6%-71.9%3$125$569,52722
Nov 29, 2008Saturday51$36-90.5%-98.1%3$12$569,56323
Nov 30, 2008Sunday49$229+536.1%-83%2$114$569,79224
Dec 1, 2008Monday48$75-67.2%-74.9%2$37$569,86725
Dec 2, 2008Tuesday50$20-73.3%-96.7%2$10$569,88726
Dec 3, 2008Wednesday47$184+820%+20.3%2$92$570,07127
Dec 4, 2008Thursday49$71-61.4%-69%2$35$570,14228
Dec 5, 2008Friday50$242+240.8%-35.8%2$121$570,38429
Dec 6, 2008Saturday50$275+13.6%+663.9%2$137$570,65930
Dec 7, 2008Sunday51$131-52.4%-42.8%2$65$570,79031
Dec 8, 2008Monday52$50-61.8%-33.3%2$25$570,84032
Dec 9, 2008Tuesday51$68+36%+240%2$34$570,90833
Dec 10, 2008Wednesday52$45-33.8%-75.5%2$22$570,95334
Dec 11, 2008Thursday51$70+55.6%-1.4%2$35$571,02335
Dec 12, 2008Friday49$613+775.7%+153.3%11$55$571,63636
Dec 13, 2008Saturday47$1,021+66.6%+271.3%11$92$572,65737
Dec 14, 2008Sunday47$793-22.3%+505.3%11$72$573,45038
Dec 15, 2008Monday45$260-67.2%+420%11$23$573,71039
Dec 16, 2008Tuesday47$240-7.7%+252.9%11$21$573,95040
Dec 17, 2008Wednesday48$323+34.6%+617.8%11$29$574,27341
Dec 18, 2008Thursday47$336+4%+380%11$30$574,60942
Dec 19, 2008Friday46$103-69.3%-83.2%1$103$574,71243
Dec 20, 2008Saturday46$104+1%-89.8%1$104$574,81644
Dec 21, 2008Sunday46$124+19.2%-84.4%1$124$574,94045
Dec 22, 2008Monday44$48-61.3%-81.5%1$48$574,98846
Dec 23, 2008Tuesday44$32-33.3%-86.7%1$32$575,02047
Dec 24, 2008Wednesday47$28-12.5%-91.3%1$28$575,04848