Goal II: Living the Dream

When Newcastle United soccer star Santiago Munez is offered a spot with Real Madrid, he accepts, but the move - accompanied by big money and fame - tests his ties and loyalties to family, friends and business acquaintances.


Domestic (2.9%)
Summary Details
DistributorArenas Entertainment
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Runtime1 hr 55 min
Opening Weekend$150,098
99 theaters
GenresAdventure Drama Sport
Widest Release99 theaters
In Release125 days/17 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Aug 29, 2008Friday30$46,780--99$472$46,7801
Aug 30, 2008Saturday34$49,119+5%-99$496$95,8992
Aug 31, 2008Sunday32$54,199+10.3%-99$547$150,0983
Sep 1, 2008
Labor Day
Sep 2, 2008Tuesday33$6,775-76.9%-99$68$186,2075
Sep 3, 2008Wednesday33$7,039+3.9%-99$71$193,2466
Sep 4, 2008Thursday35$4,647-34%-99$46$197,8937
Sep 5, 2008Friday46$4,728+1.7%-89.9%29$163$202,6218
Sep 6, 2008Saturday46$6,799+43.8%-86.2%29$234$209,4209
Sep 7, 2008Sunday45$6,784-0.2%-87.5%29$233$216,20410
Sep 8, 2008Monday45$1,092-83.9%-96.3%29$37$217,29611
Sep 9, 2008Tuesday46$1,015-7.1%-85%29$35$218,31112
Sep 10, 2008Wednesday47$862-15.1%-87.8%29$29$219,17313
Sep 11, 2008Thursday46$814-5.6%-82.5%29$28$219,98714
Sep 12, 2008Friday50$841+3.3%-82.2%11$76$220,82815
Sep 13, 2008Saturday50$1,782+111.9%-73.8%11$162$222,61016
Sep 14, 2008Sunday49$1,542-13.5%-77.3%11$140$224,15217
Sep 15, 2008Monday48$340-78%-68.9%11$30$224,49218
Sep 16, 2008Tuesday50$136-60%-86.6%11$12$224,62819
Sep 17, 2008Wednesday49$179+31.6%-79.2%11$16$224,80720
Sep 18, 2008Thursday48$260+45.3%-68.1%11$23$225,06721
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