Them That Follow

Set deep in the wilds of Appalachia, where believers handle death-dealing snakes to prove themselves before God, a pastor's daughter holds a secret that threatens to tear her community apart.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
Distributor1091 Media
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Runtime1 hr 38 min
Opening Weekend$13,137
3 theaters
Release DateAug 2, 2019
Widest Release195 theaters
In Release108 days/15 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Aug 2, 2019Friday42$7,632--3$2,544$7,6321
Aug 3, 2019Saturday43$4,129-45.9%-3$1,376$11,7612
Aug 4, 2019Sunday49$1,376-66.7%-3$458$13,1373
Aug 5, 2019Monday47$667-51.5%-3$222$13,8044
Aug 6, 2019Tuesday47$906+35.8%-3$302$14,7105
Aug 7, 2019Wednesday48$633-30.1%-3$211$15,3436
Aug 8, 2019Thursday47$877+38.5%-3$292$16,2207
Aug 9, 2019Friday27$31,301+3,469.1%+310.1%195$160$47,5218
Aug 10, 2019Saturday29$30,426-2.8%+636.9%195$156$77,9479
Aug 11, 2019Sunday28$23,942-21.3%+1,640%195$122$101,88910
Aug 12, 2019Monday26$13,085-45.3%+1,861.8%195$67$114,97411
Aug 13, 2019Tuesday28$16,644+27.2%+1,737.1%195$85$131,61812
Aug 14, 2019Wednesday27$13,881-16.6%+2,092.9%195$71$145,49913
Aug 15, 2019Thursday34$9,529-31.4%+986.5%195$48$155,02814
Aug 16, 2019Friday52$547-94.3%-98.3%22$24$155,57515
Aug 17, 2019Saturday53$965+76.4%-96.8%22$43$156,54016
Aug 18, 2019Sunday52$659-31.7%-97.2%22$29$157,19917
Aug 19, 2019Monday50$430-34.7%-96.7%22$19$157,62918
Aug 20, 2019Tuesday53$343-20.2%-97.9%22$15$157,97219
Aug 21, 2019Wednesday48$431+25.7%-96.9%22$19$158,40320
Aug 22, 2019Thursday48$234-45.7%-97.5%22$10$158,63721
Aug 23, 2019Friday61$61-73.9%-88.8%4$15$158,69822
Aug 24, 2019Saturday61$172+182%-82.2%4$43$158,87023
Aug 25, 2019Sunday62$103-40.1%-84.4%4$25$158,97324
Aug 26, 2019Monday61$20-80.6%-95.3%4$5$158,99325
Aug 27, 2019Tuesday58$83+315%-75.8%4$20$159,07626
Aug 28, 2019Wednesday59$87+4.8%-79.8%4$21$159,16327
Aug 29, 2019Thursday58$55-36.8%-76.5%4$13$159,21828
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