Faith of Our Fathers

Two men embark on a trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial guided by the letters their fathers wrote while serving in the war.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
DistributorPure Flix Entertainment
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Runtime1 hr 36 min
Opening Weekend$433,000
344 theaters
Release DateJul 1, 2015 - Sep 3, 2015
Widest Release344 theaters
In Release184 days/26 weeks


DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jul 1, 2015Wednesday16$99,867--344$290$99,8671
Jul 2, 2015Thursday19$88,924-11%-344$258$188,7912
Jul 3, 2015Friday16$179,000--344-$368,0003
Jul 4, 2015
Independence Day
Jul 5, 2015Sunday17$109,000--344-$627,0005
Jul 6, 2015Monday19$43,652--344$126$670,6526
Jul 7, 2015Tuesday19$61,405+40.7%-344$178$732,0577
Jul 8, 2015Wednesday20$42,270-31.2%-57.7%344$122$774,3278
Jul 9, 2015Thursday20$35,601-15.8%-60%344$103$799,9059
Jul 10, 2015Friday24$24,000--154-$824,00010
Jul 11, 2015Saturday24$35,000--154-$859,00011
Jul 13, 2015Monday26$9,833--77.5%138$71$891,92613
Jul 14, 2015Tuesday25$13,090+33.1%-78.7%143$91$905,01614
Jul 15, 2015Wednesday24$10,952-16.3%-74.1%139$78$915,96815
Jul 16, 2015Thursday26$9,763-10.9%-72.6%138$70$925,87516
Jul 20, 2015Monday33$3,400--65.4%52$65$956,84820
Jul 21, 2015Tuesday33$4,638+36.4%-64.6%52$89$961,48621
Jul 22, 2015Wednesday33$4,651+0.3%-57.5%52$89$966,13722
Jul 23, 2015Thursday33$4,050-12.9%-58.5%52$77$970,18723
Jul 27, 2015Monday35$629--81.5%17$37$975,97327
Jul 28, 2015Tuesday35$821+30.5%-82.3%17$48$976,79428
Jul 29, 2015Wednesday37$1,093+33.1%-76.5%17$64$977,88729
Jul 30, 2015Thursday38$1,008-7.8%-75.1%17$59$978,89530
Jul 31, 2015Friday39$722-28.4%-6$120$979,61731
Aug 1, 2015Saturday38$1,247+72.7%-6$207$980,86432
Aug 2, 2015Sunday37$1,055-15.4%-6$175$981,91933
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