The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography

A look at the life and work of photographer Elsa Dorfman.


Domestic (100%)
Summary Details
Runtime1 hr 16 min
Opening Weekend$12,035
3 theaters
Widest Release25 theaters
In Release185 days/26 weeks


DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Jun 30, 2017Friday37$4,248--3$1,416$4,2481
Jul 1, 2017Saturday37$4,121-3%-3$1,373$8,3692
Jul 2, 2017Sunday38$3,666-11%-3$1,222$12,0353
Jul 3, 2017Monday40$2,775-24.3%-3$925$14,8104
Jul 4, 2017
Independence Day
Jul 5, 2017Wednesday41$1,104-66.4%-3$368$19,1976
Jul 6, 2017Thursday40$1,540+39.5%-3$513$20,7377
Jul 14, 2017Friday37$5,222--15$348$52,39615
Jul 15, 2017Saturday36$7,061+35.2%-15$470$59,45716
Jul 16, 2017Sunday33$6,133-13.1%-15$408$65,59017
Jul 17, 2017Monday36$2,662-56.6%-25$106$68,25218
Jul 18, 2017Tuesday36$2,387-10.3%-25$95$70,63919
Jul 19, 2017Wednesday36$2,675+12.1%-25$107$73,31420
Jul 20, 2017Thursday36$3,085+15.3%-25$123$76,39921
Jul 21, 2017Friday38$4,015+30.1%-23.1%25$160$82,33422
Jul 22, 2017Saturday34$7,000+74.3%-0.9%25$280$89,33423
Jul 28, 2017Friday45$2,000--21-$124,40029
Jul 29, 2017Saturday44$3,100--21-$127,50030
Jul 31, 2017Monday44$940--21$44$113,26632
Aug 1, 2017Tuesday44$1,379+46.7%-21$65$114,64533
Aug 2, 2017Wednesday45$1,509+9.4%-21$71$116,15434
Aug 3, 2017Thursday42$1,581+4.8%-21$75$117,73535
Aug 4, 2017Friday47$825-47.8%-15$55$118,56036
Aug 5, 2017Saturday45$1,530+85.5%-15$102$120,09037
Aug 6, 2017Sunday41$1,408-8%-15$93$121,49838
Aug 7, 2017Monday43$955-32.2%+1.6%15$63$122,45339
Aug 8, 2017Tuesday44$917-4%-33.5%15$61$123,37040
Aug 9, 2017Wednesday45$761-17%-49.6%15$50$124,13141
Aug 10, 2017Thursday43$1,096+44%-30.7%15$73$125,22742
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