War of the Buttons

Occupied France; Lebrac leads a play war between two rival kid gangs, but a girl he likes, who's Jewish, is in danger of being discovered by local Nazi sympathisers. Lebrac and the village must now respond to the reality of what's happening.


Domestic (0.3%)
Summary Details
DistributorThe Weinstein Company
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Runtime1 hr 40 min
Opening Weekend$4,737
5 theaters
GenresAdventure Family
Widest Release35 theaters
In Release84 days/12 weeks
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Oct 12, 2012Friday51$1,046--5$209$1,0461
Oct 13, 2012Saturday49$2,073+98.2%-5$414$3,1192
Oct 14, 2012Sunday48$1,618-21.9%-5$323$4,7373
Oct 15, 2012Monday42$428-73.5%-5$85$5,1654
Oct 16, 2012Tuesday44$462+7.9%-5$92$5,6275
Oct 17, 2012Wednesday40$797+72.5%-5$159$6,4246
Oct 18, 2012Thursday41$602-24.5%-5$120$7,0267
Oct 19, 2012Friday42$4,751+689.2%+354.2%35$135$11,7778
Oct 20, 2012Saturday41$7,905+66.4%+281.3%35$225$19,6829
Oct 21, 2012Sunday41$4,591-41.9%+183.7%35$131$24,27310
Oct 22, 2012Monday37$1,558-66.1%+264%35$44$25,83111
Oct 23, 2012Tuesday36$2,584+65.9%+459.3%35$73$28,41512
Oct 24, 2012Wednesday35$2,460-4.8%+208.7%35$70$30,87513
Oct 25, 2012Thursday37$2,387-3%+296.5%35$68$33,26214
Oct 26, 2012Friday45$1,811-24.1%-61.9%8$226$35,07315
Oct 27, 2012Saturday43$2,142+18.3%-72.9%8$267$37,21516
Oct 28, 2012Sunday44$1,446-32.5%-68.5%8$180$38,66117
Oct 29, 2012Monday39$542-62.5%-65.2%8$67$39,20318
Oct 30, 2012Tuesday39$770+42.1%-70.2%8$96$39,97319
Oct 31, 2012
Nov 1, 2012Thursday39$747-34.8%-68.7%8$93$41,86621
Nov 2, 2012Friday50$984+31.7%-45.7%6$164$42,85022
Nov 3, 2012Saturday50$1,521+54.6%-29%6$253$44,37123
Nov 4, 2012Sunday49$1,231-19.1%-14.9%6$205$45,60224
Nov 5, 2012Monday44$745-39.5%+37.5%6$124$46,34725
Nov 6, 2012Tuesday44$536-28.1%-30.4%6$89$46,88326
Nov 7, 2012Wednesday44$390-27.2%-66%6$65$47,27327
Nov 8, 2012Thursday46$498+27.7%-33.3%6$83$47,77128
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