Around-the-World Roundup: 'Due Date' Travels the Globe

by Ray Subers
Due Date

November 10, 2010

Debuting simultaneously with its domestic release, Due Date took first place at the foreign box office with solid numbers in 36 territories. Despicable Me hit a significant milestone, and Jackass 3-D easily eclipsed the previous Jackass movies.

Due Date earned $22 million, which was close to The Hangover's $21.7 million aggregate opening among the same territories. It had two major first place finishes in the United Kingdom and Germany, where it debuted to $3.8 million and $3.7 million, respectively. Its highest tally, though, was its $3.9 million opening in Russia, which was good for second place behind Megamind. Other noteworthy grosses included $1.4 million in Spain, $1.3 million in Mexico and just under $1 million in Brazil. The road trip comedy's set to open in France this weekend, followed by Australia and South Korea on Nov. 25.

With no significant new territories, last weekend's leader Despicable Me fell 40 percent to $13.1 million. Among its major holdovers, it earned $2.1 million in France, $1.9 million in the U.K., $1.8 million in Japan and $1.4 million in Germany. Overall, the animated comedy has grossed $258.5 million overseas and passed the $500 million mark worldwide (domestic plus foreign) on Saturday.

Jackass 3-D made $12.6 million over the weekend, which was more than Jackass: Number Two scored in its entire foreign run. It had an impressive $3.6 million first place debut in Australia, along with a decent $2.75 million second place start in the U.K. The French were less impressed with the Jackass antics, though, as the movie sputtered to a $1.7 million sixth place finish. Thus far, Jackass 3-D has made just under $19 million overseas and is set to open in Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and Hong Kong this weekend.

Similar to most DreamWorks Animation movies, Megamind is undergoing a gradual overseas rollout. Though it opened in only a few smaller territories in Southeast Asia, it rose a bit to $10.8 million. This was mostly due to a strong second weekend in Russia, where it improved 12 percent to $7.8 million. Through its second weekend, the animated comedy has earned $21.5 million overseas.

Paranormal Activity 2 eased a relatively light 27 percent to $11.1 million, thanks in part to a decent $1.7 million opening in Germany. With a foreign total of $65.9 million through its third weekend, the horror sequel is poised to close in on its predecessor's $85.4 million overseas haul.

Saw 3D added $10.2 million for a total of $32.5 million. Its highest debut came in Brazil, where it finished in second place with $1.5 million. On Sunday, it passed Saw VI's worldwide total, and it should pass that movie's foreign figure by next weekend.

The Social Network dipped 32 percent to $9.3 million from 55 territories. It has thus far made $66.3 million overseas, and it's set to open in India and Italy next weekend.

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