Around-the-World Roundup: 'Expendables,' 'Airbender' Hold Steady

by Ray Subers
The Expendables

September 1, 2010

While the numbers remain somewhat inconclusive, The Expendables appears to have held off The Last Airbender to retain the number one spot at the foreign box office over the weekend. Inception, Salt and The Karate Kid continued their strong runs, while Toy Story 3 passed $1 billion and Shrek Forever After gained further ground on its predecessors.

The Expendables earned an estimated $21 million over the weekend, which included around $4 million from China, $2 million from the United Kingdom and $1.2 million from Russia. The movie has been released by a bevy of smaller distributors, and therefore reporting isn't particularly timely or comprehensive. As a result, it may have made a little bit more or less than $21 million. Also, an official total is not available, though based on the weekend numbers thus far it looks like The Expendables is hovering around the $100 million overseas mark.

The Last Airbender's $20.3 million from 45 territories was about the same as its haul from last weekend. It held steady thanks to a $3 million first week take in China and a $4.3 million debut in Mexico. In two months, The Last Airbender has earned $122.2 million overseas for a worldwide (domestic plus foreign) total of $252.8 million.

Inception dipped just 20 percent, grossing $17 million from 63 markets. This included a huge $1.5 million five-day debut in Greece. Since opening in mid-July, Inception has racked up $387 million overseas for an excellent worldwide total of $659 million. Another potentially big weekend is on the horizon for the Christopher Nolan mindbender as it is set to open in China on Friday.

With a strong $4.7 million launch in France, Salt dipped just six percent to $15.6 million. This tally was also aided by an additional $2.3 million in Australia and $1.65 million in Germany, bringing Salt's overseas total to $131 million.

The Karate Kid added another $13 million over the weekend for a cumulative international tally of $142.5 million. Solid first place openings in Spain and Brazil ($3.9 million and $2.1 million, respectively) led the way for the remake.

With a $12.7 million weekend, Toy Story 3 cruised past the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. Click here for complete coverage of this milestone.

Not to be completely outdone by Pixar's toys, Dreamworks Shrek Forever After showed it still has some foreign stamina left with an $11.6 million weekend from 39 territories. Most of this came from a massive $7.1 million debut in Italy, along with a $904,000 opening in Greece. Early in the weekend Shrek 4 passed the $700 million worldwide mark, and, with a foreign gross of $470.6 million, it's now poised to overtake Shrek the Third ($476.2 million) and Shrek 2 ($478.6 million) to become the highest-grossing Shrek movie overseas.

Step Up 3-D may be a domestic disappointment, but it continues to be a solid draw overseas. Over the weekend, the dance movie grossed $11.6 million for a $72.9 million total.

Avatar: Special Edition was released in 14 territories, where it added $4.5 million to Avatar's record-setting overseas total. Despite other media reports jumping the gun, Avatar has not crossed the $2 billion mark yet. Other reports mistakenly counted Puerto Rico twice, because Puerto Rico is actually part of the domestic haul. Avatar's actual foreign total stands at $1.997 billion, though it will soon pass $2 billion. The Special Edition is undergoing a gradual roll-out, and will hit major territories like France and Germany this weekend.

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