Friday Report: 'Schmucks,' 'Inception' Lead, 'Cats & Dogs' Lose

by Brandon Gray
Dinner for Schmucks

July 31, 2010

On Friday, Dinner for Schmucks narrowly outdrew Inception to lead the box office on its opening day. Inception held well again and, despite a second-place blip on Friday, is poised to spend its third weekend atop the box office. Charlie St. Cloud had a decent launch, while Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore had a soft start despite having the broadest release of all movies.

Dinner for Schmucks pulled in a solid estimated $8.4 million on approximately 3,400 screens at 2,911 locations. That was slightly less than Funny People's $8.7 million start on the comparable Friday last year (which led to a $22.7 million weekend) and Date Night's $9.2 million start, but it was greater than Get Him to the Greek's $6.3 million, I Love You, Man's $6.3 million and Role Models' $6.7 million.

Hot on the Schmucks's heels, Inception nabbed an estimated $8.15 million, easing 38 percent from last Friday. Its total rose to $174 million in 15 days, surpassing The Karate Kid as the eighth highest-grossing movie of the year. Salt took a standard 53 percent hit in its second Friday, taking in an estimated $5.9 million for a $57.5 million eight-day tally.

Charlie St. Cloud claimed an estimated $5.6 million at 2,718 locations, which was less than lead actor Zac Efron's last major vehicle, the more commercial 17 Again ($9.4 million), but was much better than Robert Pattinson's Remember Me ($3.6 million).

Despite being in its fourth Friday and having fewer 3D venues, Despicable Me generated more business than Cats & Dogs 2. It made an estimated $4.7 million, off a modest 37 percent from last Friday, and its total grew to $179.5 million in 22 days.

In sixth place on Friday, Cats & Dogs 2 lacked bite with an estimated $4.2 million on around 5,100 screens at 3,705 locations. Predecessor Cats & Dogs bagged $9 million on its opening day back in 2001, and the sequel also paled compared to G-Force, which grabbed $11.5 million on its late July 2009 first day, as well as many other talking animal movies. Cats & Dogs 2 was closer to Marmaduke ($3.5 million) and Underdog ($4.1 million).

Meanwhile, The Kids Are All Right expanded into nationwide release (847 locations), but there was no commensurate growth in audience. The picture made less than $1 million on Friday, up only 36 percent over last Friday when it was at 201 locations.

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