Around-the-World Roundup: 'Clash' Continues to Dominate

by Ray Subers
Clash of the Titans

April 20, 2010

Clash of the Titans ruled the foreign box office for the third straight weekend, thanks in part to sizeable debuts in China, Mexico and Italy. Alice in Wonderland also found its coffers growing thanks to important dates in Japan and Spain, while How to Train Your Dragon continued its potent run.

Adding 34 markets, Clash of the Titans racked up $55.3 million from 10,850 screens in 57 markets. The mythological action picture posted $7.4 million starts in both China and Mexico, comparing favorably to 300, which did not play in China and which opened to only $2.6 million in Mexico. Clash also launched in Italy to $4.5 million, or slightly under 300's $4.6 million opening in 2007. In total, Clash has generated $189.7 million and should be able to pass 300's $245.5 million international total by next week at the latest, bolstered in part by its upcoming debut in Japan.

In its sixth weekend, Alice in Wonderland's international box office was up a whopping 86 percent to an estimated $34 million. This is due mostly to monster openings in Japan ($14 million) and Spain ($10.3 million), though it continued to play in 51 other markets. When Alice's $503.5 million international take is added to its $324.4 from the domestic box office, it now ranks as the 22nd highest-grossing movie ever worldwide.

As it had no major new international openings, How to Train Your Dragon was off 37 percent to $16.5 million from 6,323 locations in 54 territories. With $177.8 million already in the bank, though, Dragons is only a few days away from passing Monsters Vs. Aliens's $183.2 million foreign total.

Date Night
came in fourth place this weekend, grossing $7.96 million from 2,797 screens in 41 markets. It entered seven new markets, including Russia and Germany, but none were remarkable. After two weekends, its international total sits at $17.7 million.

A number of foreign titles had substantial openings this weekend, beginning with Nodame Kantabire Saishu—Saishuu-Gakushou—Kouhen, which opened to $6 million on 410 screens in Japan. Meitantei Konan: Tenkuu No Rosuto Shippu, the latest in the popular Japanese Detective Conan series, was just behind, grossing $5.99 million on 352 Japanese screens. Finally, Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec), a French-language fantasy-adventure directed by Luc Besson, opened to $4.8 million, $4.6 million of which came from 636 screens in France.

While it finished in first place domestically this weekend, Kick-Ass continued to struggle internationally, grossing a meager $2.6 million from four territories for a total of $17.3 million through its third weekend. Meanwhile, Avatar added to its record-breaking total, bagging $1.2 million from 731 screens in 26 markets. While it probably won't break the coveted $2 billion mark without some extra push, that doesn't take away from the phenomenal feat of its $1.97 billion total.

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